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Kindle As Father’s Day Gift

Kindle As Father's Day Gift

Kindle As Father's Day Gift

For some time now Amazon has been running “Kindle. Let Data Read and Relax” ad. I actually think that it does make sense. If your finances let you spend $359.00 or $489.00 on Father’s Day gift chances are your Dad is at the age when he:

  • likes reading and has enough time for it.
  • would benefit from large fonts and/or large screen of Kindle DX.
  • will appreciate the simplicity of it’s usage and the fact that you don’t need to use computer at all to get new books.

What do you think?

3 comments to Kindle As Father’s Day Gift

  • Ted

    I actually got one for my 88 y.o. dad a month ago since I was visiting him. He’s reading it nightly now and enjoying the experience.

  • TSO

    I’m really impressed by the amount of cash people must have to buy that sort of Father’s Day gift. Boy do I feel cheap!

  • Karl

    But if my father was Lieutenant Data, couldn’t he just upload books to his brain?

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