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September 2010
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Latest Generation Kindle Update

This is just a quick note for those of you with the latest generation of the Kindle eReader.  Chances are good that that means a lot of you people reading this site, for example! Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) has released a preview of update 3.0.2 for download by interested users.  This update should address minor speed concerns, optimize web browsing, and just give your Kindle little a tune-up.  This is a limited time offer from Amazon and there is no guarantee it will still be here for any length of time.  The idea is to solicit feedback from those of you who download the update and see what the general opinion is and perhaps even what’s left to do.

I don’t know how much of a chance you’re going to get, but if you are in time then things like this are always productive.  If you have a chance to submit feedback on an update then you’re expressing a voice in the ongoing state of the device.  Always a precedent worth supporting. I wish you all luck with your downloading, greatly improved web browsing, perhaps even some faster reading, and a fine day in general.  Time for me to go read something for a change.