Next – Kindle Edition

If you like matching puzzle games, you would probably enjoy Next for Kindle.  It is one of the first games offered by Mobigloo.  They are also the creators of Mahjong Solitaire.

Next is all about thinking and strategy.  The overall goal is to match game pieces and clear the whole board.  There are 128 levels of difficulty.  You can play any level and if you’ve passed them, the game provides a list of the levels and which ones you have completed.  The difficult levels provide enough challenge so that you can probably get by with playing them multiple times.

Watch you though, if you don’t put any thought into your moves, you risk leaving behind extra pieces.  If you leave behind extra pieces, you lose the level.  So, Next will give your brain a bit of exercise.

Now, let’s take a look at what some of the reviewers have said about Next.  Most of them are good, but there is some criticism that Mobigloo might want to take a note of.

Ellen Bridges:

“The graphics are nice, and they are right for this type of game. I didn’t notice any unusual overuse of the battery to run this game. Since nothing is flashing or moving while you are thinking about your strategy for your next move, no battery power is being used in this game until you are actually making a move.

If you enjoy puzzle games, I don’t think you’ll mind spending 2.99 for this one. When you consider what the Kindle is capable of when it comes to games, this is a very nice addition to previous games that were put out by Amazon and Electronic Arts. Mobigloo is a game-maker I had never heard of before, but I hope they continue to make games this well, so that we have a nice wide selection to choose from for our Kindles.”

Sarene Loar:

“I’ve found some kindle games annoying to use because it can be difficult to highlight the right item, but Next is super easy – it is all about the strategy.”


“I sometimes wish there was an optional hint to help when I get stuck. I would recommend it to other people who like brain teasers.”

So, all in all, Next is a good game and a great fit for the Kindle.  There aren’t that many reviews yet, but hopefully there will be in the future.  It might be a bit hard on the toggle button, but that all depends on how much use it gets.  So, check it out and let us know what you think.