Seven Albert Einstein Books Exclusively for Kindle

In addition to Pi Day, March 14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  How fitting that both math and physics are celebrated on this day for completely different reasons.  There are currently seven ebooks written by Einstein available exclusively for the Kindle.  Known as the father of modern physics, Einstein was a revolutionary figure in the field of science and introduced the theory of relativity.  The Kindle ebooks all includes photos and documents from the Albert Einstein Archives from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Letters on Wave Mechanics provides a unique glimpse into the thoughts of Einstein and other major influential characters in science through their letters.  Wave Mechanics includes letters written by H.A. Lorentz, Max Planck, and Erwin Schrodinger.  This book not only gives insight into their thoughts, but it also allows the reader to understand the state of physics in their day.

Essays in Humanism covers major events in history such as the Great Depression, World War II,  and the Cold War, and is written from a philosophical prospective.  I noticed a quote about how technology and war were shrinking the planet.  If technology was shrinking the planet back then, imagine what Einstein would say about the internet and its global connectivity.

Einstein reveals how he feels about his own influence on modern science, as well as other great scientists who came before him in Essays in Science.  These scientists include Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler and others.  Einstein also gives explanation of his theories and contributions.

Letters to Solovine is the key to Einstein’s most personal thoughts and contains his letters to his close friend, Maurice Solovine.  Letters to Solovine shows the human side of Einstein, in addition to his scientist side.

Out of My Later Years is a collection of essays that explain Einstein’s scientific and philosophical beliefs.  Einstein recognized the rapidly changing world around him and provides positive thoughts on the future.  Science made great leaps and bounds throughout the twentieth century and continues to do so today.

Most everyone knows Einstein for his Theory of Relativity, which is e=mc2.  The Theory of Relativity book goes through this theory and Einstein’s other discoveries step by step.  This is a great resource because many people just know the equation and never really get to learn the meaning behind it.

The World as I See It describes Einstein as a German in the midst of World War II.  It also describes his views on religion and how they compare.  Religion and science are often at great odds, and such a well known figure in the science world talk about religion should be an extremely interesting read.