Bittman’s Kitchen: What I Grill and Why

With Memorial Day coming up, I’m sure there will be a lot of grilling out going on.  Bittman’s Kitchen is a good, inexpensive Kindle single that provides great ideas for grilling meat, vegetables, and even bread.  For now, it is just $1.99.

Are you a fan of Mark Bittman’s cookbooks?  He has two other cookbooks available on Kindle: Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express and Food Matters.

Mark Bittman provides a great guide to grilling that covers all aspects of the task, including how to grill and how to measure when the meat is done.  Bittman has a conversational style of writing and includes good set of delicious recipes to try out.

The biggest complaint about Bittman’s Kitchen is the lack of photos.  It is up to you to determine the purpose of the e-book, and whether photos are essential to point of the book.  Photos can add a nice touch, but they aren’t always necessary.


“I’m not a big cook, but now I can’t wait for the weekends so I can try another recipe. Everything is so concise and clear, it truly removes the guess work and makes the entire experience enjoyable. The tone is easy and light and, unlike with some other cooking books, I didn’t need a dictionary along side to reference.”

S. Theuerkauf

“This is a well laid out ebook cookbook. The Table of contents have the necessary links to their respective recipes. Although there aren’t any photos, this is compensated for in the recipes with complete directions for each. There are recipes for a variety of grilled foods, meat as well as vegetables. I will enjoy using this cookbook!”

So overall, as a platform for cookbooks, this Kindle Single is a good start, but with improvements suggested by the readers, reading cookbooks on the Kindle can be made even better.

Happy grilling!




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