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For all of you word nerds out there, you might be interested in Mardy Grothe’s latest quotation book, Neverisms.  I have a few of my own favorite quotes that I like to keep in the back of my mind for when the right circumstances come up for them.

I laughed out loud when I read some of the quotes from the book such as “never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time” or “never ruin an apology with an excuse.”  I’ve found that whenever I say I’m “never” going to do something, I end up doing exactly what I said I’d never do.  Glad to know there are some things that you just really should never do.

Neverisms is a well researched collection that includes quotes spanning a variety of topics: sports, love and others.  The quotes come from a lot of different famous people, magazines and TV shows.  It isn’t really a book you would read straight through, but you can use the Kindle’s menus to navigate through different chapters.  So, you can enjoy small chunks of it over time.

As I read the reviews of Neverisms, I learned a lot about how much depth can be packed into just one little phrase.


“Quotes help us give words to things we feel but we have never quite put together in thoughts that are succinct, clever and inspirational or just outright funny. These quotes often reveal layers of complexity in just a few words. They are little packets of wisdom and humor. The older I get, the more I love quotes, for they help put words to things I have learned. Never miss a chance to thank someone for changing our mundane life into something better. Thanks Dr. Grothe.”

The Culture Buzz

“As with previous marvels of Mardy, “Neverisms” lets us not only see the forest for the trees, but appreciate each tree within the forest. He captures the obvious foundation – many well-known quotes beginning with “never” – blends in additional quotes, then liberally seasons all with captivating back stories, history and relevance. The result is the aforementioned feast, presented with a very grand, 18-course (chapters) flair.”

Another great book of quotes that Grothe has written is called Ifferisms.  Both books are packed full of fun reading.  Great book for the Kindle because you can just whip it out wherever and find a quote that fits your fancy.





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