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SimpleLight for Kindle

There are a good many lights out there for the Kindle, but one in particular, the SimpleLight by Grantwood Technologies is great.  I know many people complain about the Kindle not having backlight.

This particular light becomes a part of the Kindle. and includes a lot of flexible lighting angles.  Unlike many lights that fit on the top, this one comes from the side for better portability.

One of the best perks is that it doesn’t require extra batteries or lightbulbs.  It also doesn’t suck up the Kindle’s own battery.  Sure is nice to not have to haul a bunch of batteries and chargers around.  It’d be even better if universal chargers could be created to charge all gadgets.

Grantwood Technologies recently released an updated SimpleLight designed for the 3rd generation Kindle.  The newest version of the Kindle is lighter and smaller than its predecessors and SimpleLight fits on it seamlessly without adding weight.

An advantage that this particular light has over backlighting is power.  One reviewer said they were able to use it light a flashlight.  You can also bend it away from someone in bed next to you.

When I was younger I used to try to read in bed with a booklight.  I remember how cumbersome it could be to turn the pages with the light.  The Kindle design makes it a lot easier to to use one because you aren’t physically turning pages.

Not a bad price either.  For such a good quality light that does not require batteries, $23 certainly doesn’t break the bank!




4 comments to SimpleLight for Kindle

  • David Lang

    how can it both not have it’s own battery and not be a drain on the kindle battery?

    what powers it, magic??

    now, it may be that the drain on the kindle is not high (especially if it’s a LED based light), but it must get power from somewhere

  • Picacodigos

    Is it avaliable for the Kindle DX?

  • pete

    Probably won’t work with a cover. Too bulky, right?

  • ucfgrad93

    While I’m glad to see it use the Kindle battery, I don’t really care for this light. It is ugly in my opinion. You can’t use it with a case. It is bulky and would make using your left hand to read with difficult.

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