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The demand for a Kindle Case that can stand up to the elements tends to be situational at best.  Sure, you want to be able to pull out that option should you be backpacking with your Kindle or taking it to the beach, but in general it really isn’t worth the extra bulk, weight, or ridiculous appearance that go along with the current waterproof options just to use them on a daily basis. Basically, right now for the sake of comfort we are forced to accept things that offer minimal protection in order to avoid ruining the reading experience.  The preferred option would, of course, be an unintrusive but completely safe case.  Lacking that, as we do at the moment, it can be useful to know where the most effective options are.

As far as casual use, the best compromise I’ve found for when you want something to use all the time that will also save you from spilled drinks and short unexpected rainfall is the M-Edge Leisure Jacket.  It is fairly affordable for a Kindle case at $34.99 but also provides a good amount of protection and doesn’t look ridiculous when you carry it around with you.  It isn’t perfect, by any means.  I would strongly recommend against dropping your Kindle in a bathtub with this one, and the screen protection results in a fair amount of glare.  If moisture is a minor concern, however, it is effective.

A more durable and heavily protected option is the new KlearKase for Kindle 3. Again, it is not going to provide much protection if you decide to store your Kindle in the swimming pool.  It does a lot more than the M-Edge option, though.  Their product video depicts some fairly impressive splash protection in unusual boating conditions, for example.  You also get ready access to all Kindle buttons and functions, unlike any other reliable waterproof case I’ve found so far.  It doesn’t look nice enough that I would want to carry this around constantly, but it’s some of the best functional protection you’re likely to find.  $49.99 is a bit much for a case, but if you need it then it is probably worth the investment.

The budget option, for those who don’t feel that a few hours on the beach is worth a $50 investment, is the TrendyDigital WaterGuard Case.  Think of it like a durable ziplock bag for your Kindle.  Mostly because it is.  While it is quite inexpensive at $15.99 and not particularly attractive, this is possibly the best of the waterproofing options.  I’ve seen them sit submerged without leaking for several minutes at a time.  Admittedly, however, this is the only protection they give you.  Even the worst of the normal case selections you’re likely to see would give you more fall damage insurance.  Still, it’s a great way to keep your Kindle dry.  Plus, and I know this will be the major selling point for most people, it has a strap so that you can hang your eReader from your neck!

5 thoughts on “A Case For Kindle Waterproofing

  1. Or, you could just stick it in an appropriately sized ziplock bag for those times that you might be near water.

  2. The cheapest solution for waterproofing that I use is a zip lock bag. I use it on the beach and in the tub when I want to read.

    I believe I got the idea from an interview with Jeff Bezos. He was asked what he used. It was a “D’oh” moment for me. Cheap and effective!

  3. After much deliberation we have recently purchased two cases from Dry Case [drycase(dot)com]. We have the iPod size but they make a larger size for a Kindle or iPad. It has a vacuum seal so no fear of condensation even happening inside the case. With the air tight fit you are still able to use your touch screen (not relevant for the kindle). It also has a jack to plug in ear buds so you can listen to music or audio books. I am not affiliated with the company. Just a happy customer. Check out the videos at their site.

  4. I just completed a 7 day canoe trip with my Kindle in tow (not literally). An M-Edge Latitude case and a Zip-lok bag worked PERFECTLY!

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