Hidden Expedition: Amazon

Hidden Expedition: Amazon is a great adventure game for Kindle users of all ages. It was developed by Big Fish Games, the creator a games for a variety of platforms: PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Kindle.

Basically, you search for hidden objects in scenes to find a professor lost in the Amazon rain forest. You will uncover a lot of interesting facts about the professor and his research as you navigate throughout the game.

The Kindle platform seems to be able to handle the game well It is suitable for the greyscale graphics. The following review demonstrates that Hidden Expedition: Amazon is a great fit for adults and kids.

zvi boymelgreen

“Both my teenage daughter and I got hooked on this game immediately. As the previous reviewer said, it is an object-finding game. The visuals are pleasing and clear, and sweetly illustrated. The retro look of the game was fun for my daughter, too. Once we got the hang of maneuvering the cursor, it was very satisfying to find the objects and watch them dissappear. The narrative of finding the professor is exciting, and kept us motivated to finish each section. I would definitely recommend this game and will get it for my son, too.”

The common complaint about this game is the clunkiness of the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button. The following reviewer provides good suggestions on how to make it work better for you.

M. bistritzky

“My suggestion to anyone looking to buy this game is to read the Instructions in the game Menu. (it’s pretty easy to read on the kindle!) When the game opens, click menu, then click instructions. There is a alot of valuable information there, including stuff about hints, levels, profiles etc.

Also, if you want the cursor to move faster:
1) the longer you hold down the 5-way controller, the faster it will move
2) hold either the next page button or the shift button, the same time you are pressing the controller
3) (i haven’t figured this one out yet) the screen is divided into the 3 grids and you can use keyboard shortcuts to get there ”

Looking forward to more Kindle adventure games to come!

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