Daily Deals: The Grail Conspiracy (A Cotten Stone Mystery) and Helium Boy

The Grail Conspiracy (A Cotten Stone Mystery)Amazon’s daily deal is The Grail Conspiracy (A Cotten Stone Mystery) by Lynn Sholes. You can get this book only for $0.99.

This book is winner of Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Best Mystery

Short description: On assignment in the Middle East, television journalist Cotten Stone stumbles upon an archeological dig that uncovers the world’s most-sought-after religious relic: the Holy Grail. With his last dying breath, Dr. Gabriel Archer gives it to Cotten, uttering “You are the only one” in a language she’s heard from only one other person–her deceased twin sister.

What begins as a hot news story for the ambitious young reporter soon turns into a nightmare when the Holy Grail is stolen and strange “accidents” befall her dearest friends. Running for her life, she turns to John Tyler, a priest with firsthand knowledge of religious artifacts, for help. An anonymous source leads them to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where an abominable experiment is underway that–unless destroyed–promises to unleash an ancient evil upon the Earth.

Lynn Sholes has worked as a writing trainer for Broward County Schools and Citrus County Schools in Florida. Before writing thrillers her interest in archaeology led her to write historical fiction under the name Lynn Armistead McKee. Lynn is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and The Authors Guild.


Helium Boy
Helium Boy is application for your Kindle Fire. Today you can get it for free.

Helium Boy is a playful 3D platform adventure game that will have you soaring high above diverse landscapes on your quest to collect bright yellow stars. If you’ve ever wanted to fly, now you can with this gorgeous app.

Up and Away

Grab a few balloons, tap the Jump button, and you’re on your way, flying above houses and trees, over water, and across chasms. Be careful to time your moves correctly or you’ll fall to your death. Watch out for birds, ninjas, and other spiked things that will burst your balloons or otherwise get you killed.

If you need to pass under obstacles or want to lose altitude to gather stars, just drop your balloons and go it on foot. When you’re ready for more flying adventures, simply tap the Pump button and it’s up and away. To judge the distance between objects and navigate your way more skillfully, keep an eye on your shadow.

Where Will the Winds Take You?

Helium Boy boasts amazing graphics, lighthearted music, imaginative scenery, and adventurous gameplay that will challenge and delight both children and adults. Choose between two modes (Beginner and Normal), fly your way through eight challenging stages, and remember to watch out for the ninjas!

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