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At Last

Today Amazon makes us glad by At Last by Julie Ortolon just for $0.99

Eleven years ago, Riley Stone left Hope, Texas with a head full of dreams about taking the music world by storm, and a heart shattered by unrequited love. Since then, she’s developed some common sense about those dreams and a sense of humor about her long-ago infatuation with Jackson Hope, the scion of the town’s namesake family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so happy to return to the tiny tourist town to sing blues in a nostalgia bar – that is, until she runs into Jackson and realizes that not so much has changed between them after all.With Jackson’s father wanting to tear down the town’s beloved dance hall to build a SaversMart, Riley unites the local artists and shop owners to save the historic landmark. Soon, Jackson finds himself caught between his desire to do the financially responsible thing for the town and his unwelcome desire for the bane of his existence – Riley Stone. Can they overcome all the old hurt, shocking scandals, and family secrets standing in the way to declare their love for each other, at last? Originally published in print as Unforgettable by Signet Eclipse.

Some words about the Author

Most authors say they grew up reading. Not Julie Ortolon. Born with dyslexia, she didn’t even learn how to read until her early twenties. It was only with the additional discovery of computers with spell-check that she was able to turn her favorite hobby -daydreaming romantic stories – into a career. Having her first novel hit the USA Today bestseller list was a dream come true. Julie lives on the shores of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas where she is working on her next romance.



Daily Ab WorkoutWork Those Abs!
If you’re looking to tighten and strengthen those abdominal muscles, Daily Ab Workout is the app for you. Core exercises such as abdominal workouts are important because your core is where all the body’s movements originate. The abdominal muscles work with your back muscles to control trunk motion, such as twisting and bending. The abs also help support and protect the internal organs.

Three Challenging Routines

The Daily Ab Workout app offers three different ab routines for both men and women. These five- to ten-minute routines guide you through 30 of the best ab-sculpting exercises. Demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, the exercises target all major abdominal muscles to strengthen your core and tone your abs. Select a specific workout or randomize them, and choose to work out for 5, 7.5, or 10 minutes.

Each workout will make your belly earn its paycheck. For example, the first workout includes a Basic Crunch, Right and Left Oblique Crunch, Bicycle Crunch, Reverse Crunch, Long Arm Cruch, Crossover Crunch, Half Curl, Vertical Leg Crunch, and the infamous Plank. The other two workouts are just as tough and comprehensive.

Easy Interface

The simple interface of the app, complete with animations and a timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Let Daily Ab Workout be your personal trainer, and your stomach muscles will thank you.

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