$.99 Sale on Children’s Books for Kindle

For a limited time, there are almost 50 children’s books on sale for .99, usually around $7.  All of these are for the Kindle Fire.  How fitting that they are in full color.  That will definitely grab kids’ attention.

The collection includes a variety of classic fairy tales and parables.  Think The Velveteen Rabbit and Jack and the BeanstalkThe Velveteen Rabbit is a must have since it is such a poignant story. The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood also made the list.  I also noticed a few that I didn’t recognize.

The books include music and narration by celebrities including Meryl Streep.  These features make the story much more interactive.  That’s not to say it isn’t just as enjoyable to play narrator yourself.

I will be very interested to observe how well perceived Kindle Fire children’s books are in the immediate future, as well as over the next decade or two.  It is still a very new thing, but will probably become more mainstream as tablets become more widely adopted.

The vibrant colors of the digital book creates a much more exciting visual experience than an old worn out print book does.  But, both forms have their advantages and disadvantages.

Many of the books on sale include Kindle Text pop up.  This is a cool feature that zooms into selected text with a couple of finger taps.  Once you’re done, you can just double tap anywhere on the screen and go back to normal view.

I don’t see very many reviews of the books available in digital format on the Kindle Fire yet.  Again, it is still very much a new idea, but the steep discount should at least be an incentive to give them a try.



5 thoughts on “$.99 Sale on Children’s Books for Kindle

  1. I’m not seeing ANY of these books for close to 99 cents (they’re all between $5 and $7).

  2. Must have been an extremely limited time. I clicked over right away and every time was over $4, many many at $7. I checked back several times hoping to see prices drop, but no luck. I give up and am marking this post “read” in my feed reader.

  3. This was still working when I first checked it, but there was no indication of how long it would be continuing. I couldn’t find any info about the background of the sale, so I’m not sure what the timeline was for it. Seems like it might have been <24hrs.

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