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June 2018
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Editor: Andrei Pushkin
Email: [email protected]
All posts by Andrei
About: Hooked on all things that compute and communicate since early childhood. Masters Degree in Computer Science and Math. Loves to read science fiction. Since he purchased his first Amazon Kindle it has become almost exclusive reading medium. Created Unicode Font Hack so he could read Russian books on Kindle.

Owner and Editor: Dzmitry Suponau
Email: [email protected]
All posts by Dima
About: Recently swapped his Sony Reader to Amazon Kindle and joined leagues of Kindle fans. Entrepreneurship, traveling and gaming are key hobbies. With Kindle started reading something besides internet again.

Author: Holly Mabry
Email: [email protected]
All posts by Holly
About: Holly Mabry is a Reference Librarian and avid Kindle user. She enjoys writing and research for professional and personal uses. Her specific interests relating to the Kindle include keeping up with accessibility news for people with disabilities.

Author: Shailpik Biswas
Email: [email protected]
All posts by Shailpik
About: Shailpik writes about technology for multiple websites, has a college degree in English Literature and makes music in his spare time. When he is not writing or playing, he can be found at odd locations pointing his amateur lens at unsuspecting victims.

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