Make Your Own Kindle Case That Doubles as a Stand

Spent the money on a new Kindle?  Want to protect your investment, but don’t have the funds leftover to buy a fancy cover? Or worried the fancy case will break your Kindle?  Why not make your own Kindle case?

Chica and Jo provides step by step instructions, on how to make your own custom case for the Kindle 1 or Kindle 2.  If you have a DX, you will need to figure out the measurements yourself since they didn’t have access to a DX model.  The idea is pretty cool, as it is super cheap and you can use whatever design you want (I’m not particularly fond of the generic floral print used in the guide). Plus, the case also doubles as a reading stand.  This would be particularly useful if you use your Kindle for something like reading sheet music.

Here’s what the final product looks like:

DIY Kindle 1 USB Charger

While researching Kindle USB chargers I found these instructions by Alan from on building your own USB charger cable for Kindle 1. To make one yourself you’ll need:

  • Some basic tools and skills to use them (don’t try this if you don’t know what are you doing;
  • “A” tip and pigtail for it (available from RadioShack)
  • USB cable that will be converted into charger (any USB cable that you can spare will do)
  • Optionally, a shrink-tube if you want it to look neat.

In the end you’ll have a cable that can be used to charge your Kindle1 from any PC or Mac with USB port or any other universal USB power adapters available on the market. Please use these instructions at your own risk.