Daily Deals: Already Gone and Dragon Fire

Already GoneToday Amazon offer to buy a raw, gripping thriller about the price paid for past sins РAlready Gone, written by John Rector, just for $0.99

Jake Reese is a writing teacher at an American university. He lives in a small brick Tudor close to campus with his art buyer wife, Diane. His life is quiet-Ordinary even. And he likes it that way. But it wasn’t always quiet. Jake’s distant past was a life on the streets, inflicting damage and suffering on more people than he can count. And now someone from his past, it seems, has come looking for him.

A raw, gripping thriller about the price paid for past sins, John Rector’s third novel is a live wire that crackles with the intensity of a man who has nothing left to lose. When two men attack Jake in a parking lot and cut off his ring finger, he tries to dismiss it as an unlucky case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But when events take a more sinister turn and Diane goes missing, Jake knows he can no longer hide from the truth.

As he embarks on a mission to find his wife, he realizes his dark past is refusing to stay buried, and that his future is about to unfold in ways he could never have imagined.

With taut and brooding prose, Rector paints a formidable portrait of a reformed man’s slow descent into a life he thought he had walked away from forever. As the intensity becomes almost unbearable, the pace quickens and the suspense applies an unrelenting, vice-like grip, as ALREADY GONE hurtles toward its ultimate, explosive climax.

Dragon FireDragon Fire is a game for your Kindle Fire.

Catch the Elusive Dragon’s Breath

You’ve studied old legends and chemistry, mastered craft and magic, and built your own Dragon Fire machine. Now for the real challenge: it’s up to you to catch the elusive dragon’s breath.

Test your skills–and your mettle–in Dragon Fire, an engrossing Android game that combines puzzler strategy with unique traffic-control gameplay. Can you solve the ancient puzzles in time? Can you redirect the deadly fireballs quickly enough to avert disaster?

Find out as you embark on 26 levels that range from easy to incredibly challenging. As colored fireballs steadily emerge from the dragon’s mouth, you must direct them to similarly-colored firecatchers. But the necessary pathways get more and more complicated as you advance through the game, eventually turning simple, logical pathways into complex patterns. You’ll need to think fast in this test of mental acuity and reflexes.

Many Paths to Mastery

You can also choose your own path as you play. All 26 levels are open from the start, so if you’re feeling daring, you can jump right to the last one.

Try playing a regular game, in which you must catch a certain number of fireballs before time runs out. Or choose Survival Mode, in which you play for as long as you can keep up with the increasing pace of the challenges.

No matter what mode you play, you can adjust the speed as you go. Play it slowly for a leisurely, Zen-like experience, or play it fast and prove that you’re a true master.