Children’s Day Book Selection for Kindle

In honor of Universal Children’s Rights Day (“Lapsen oikeuksien päivä” in Finnish, “Giornata mondiale dei diritti dei bambini” in Italian),I thought I’d share a few children’s books that are available on the Kindle and Kindle DX.  I was excited to find some of my childhood favorites among the selection of children’s books for the Kindle.  What a great way to get children excited about reading!

You are all probably familiar with Beverly Cleary’s Ramona the Brave and other Ramona books such as Ramona Quimby Age 8, Ramona the Pest, Beezus and Ramona and Ramona and Her FatherRamona the Brave follows Ramona at age six. She has to deal with her mom returning to work, starting first grade and sleeping alone in the spooky dark.  And adults thought they had it rough!

Throughout the whole series, Cleary does a wonderful job portraying the relationships Ramona has with her sister Beezus, as well as her classmates, teachers and parents. She does it all with a great sense of humor and imagination. In Beezus and Ramona, the reader gets to hear Beezus’s side of the story.  At age nine, she is responsible for looking after her younger, mischievous four year old sister.  It is tough being the oldest sometimes.  Not to mention, having such a funny name can be a pain sometimes too.

The Magic Tree House series, by Mary Pope Osborne is another delightful children’s series that is available on the Kindle.  This series is a great fit for the Kindle because there are more than 40 books to choose from.  The books in the Magic Tree House transport Jack and his sister Annie to different places in time.  The first in the series, Dinosaurs Before Dark, transports them to the age of the Dinosaurs.  The Knight at Dawn takes them back to the time where Knights and Castles were rulers of the land.  The Magic Tree House books are history lessons, as well as adventurous.  They are great books to start with once children are ready to move up from picture books.

There are few well loved classics that are free on the Kindle such as The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Adventures of Pinocchio.

I hope that soon, Amazon (NASDAAQ:AMZN) will add favorites such as Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Tales and of the Fourth Grade Nothing and The Boxcar Children to their list of Kindle books for children.