Daily Deals: Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me and Battle Ships Pro

Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of SortsToday Amazon offers Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts by Ian Morgan Cron just for $1.99 This book is rather popular and has great number positive replies from readers. This book is too good to pass up.

“When I firstdiscovered the grainy picture in my mother’s desk-me as a towheaded two yearold sitting in what I remember was a salmon-orange-stained lifeboat-I wasoverwhelmed by the feeling that the boy in the boat was not waving and laughingat the person snapping the photo as much as he was frantically trying to getthe attention of the man I am today. The boy was beckoning me to join him on avoyage through the harrowing straits of memory. He was gambling that if wesurvived the passage, we might discover an ocean where the past would becomethe wind at our back rather than a driving gale to the nose of our boat. Thisbook is the record of that voyage.”

Whenhe was sixteen years old, Ian Morgan Cron was told about his father’sclandestine work with the CIA.  Thisastonishing revelation, coupled with his father’s dark struggles with chronicalcoholism and depression, upended the world of a boy struggling to become aman.  Decades later, as he faces his ownpersonal demons, Ian realizes the only way to find peace is to voyage backthrough a painful childhood marked by extremes-privilege and poverty, violenceand tenderness, truth and deceit-that he’s spent years trying to escape.

Inthis surprisingly funny and forgiving memoir, Ian reminds us that no matter howdifferent the pieces may be, in the end we are all cut from the same cloth,stitched by faith into an exquisite quilt of grace.

“Simultaneously redemptive and consoling with bright moments of humor . . . this story is chock-full of sacredness and hope. Cron is one of only a few spirituality authors who could articulate these themes as poignantly.”

Some words about the Author

Ian Morgan Cron is an Episcopal priest, speaker, retreat leader, and songwriter. He loves yoga, reading, the Rolling Stone’s album Exile on Main Street, and complaining he has no spare time. Ian and his wife have three children, and a Portuguese Water Dog named Hobbes. They divide their year between homes in Vermont and Tennessee. His book “Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir…Of Sorts” was released by Thomas Nelson on June 7, 2011.


Battle Ships ProBattle Ships Pro is just a game which can help you to kill some time. And it is free today only.

Set sails and start your battle versus Ted, James and Hans where Ted is the rookie making a lot of mistakes, James is the intermediate guy and Hans… well Hans is Hans! The good old well known pen and paper battlship gameplay is nicely enhanced with hexagonal fields and features which offer a lot of tactical possibilities.

Lovely graphics and sounds make the classic battleship game an exciting experience.


• Hexagonal field
• 3 different computer opponents
• 3 different fleet sizes
• setup your fleet on the field or set it randomly
• game statistics and highscores
• multiplayer is planned
• NEW: additional game mode!
• NEW: salvo shots
• NEW: bomber attacks
• NEW: sea mines