Kindle Shortcut List

Now many of you have had your Amazon Kindle for about a month now which means you should be comfortable with holding and reading on the device. Now that your using the Kindle has become second nature, you want to increase your productivity and get the most out of your Kindle. The best way to do this is to start using shortcuts.

Kindle has many shortcuts and I have listed the ones I am aware of here; I’m sure there are more, if you are aware of any more please leave comment explaining what the shortcut is and what it does. So without further ado, here is a complete Amazon Kindle shortcut list:

“1”, “2”, “3” … “99”

Go to the corresponding page in the Home Menu
For multiple digit pages, you’ll have to type the digits FAST

“a”, “b”, “c” … etc.

From sorted Home Menu, Jump to corresponding page
If your home page is sorted alphabetically by either Title or Author, hitting a letter will jump to the page containing the first entry starting with that letter. “The” is ignored. Indefinite Articles are ignored.


Store Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@store


Web Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@web


Wikipedia Search Shortcut
On the search line enter “@wiki


Minesweeper Game
Must be at Home screen to activate


Sleep Mode Toggle
Enter/Exits sleep mode (toggle)


Bookmarks the current page


Time Function
Shows the current local time in the lower left hand corner

USB Hubs

Hub Configuration Requirement for Kindle
Must be Powered!

SHIFT+Next Page & SHIFT+Previous page

Skip forward and back
Skips ahead and back 5% of the book length