A First Hand Look at the Latest Kindle Touch Update

The Kindle Touch just got an automatic update.  A manual update was released about a month ago, but it is usually worth it to just wait for the automatic one.  Kindle Touch Update 5.1 includes several important fixes such as better wi-fi, landscape mode, KF8 publishing, and text to speech.

The Kindle Touch recently arrived in Europe.  How fitting that this update also includes more language support and instant translations.  Amazon is finally getting going with reaching out to the global market.

I have noticed that my Kindle Touch has a crisper display.  I was disappointed to see that there were still shadows of the previous page text.  Does anyone else with a Kindle Touch see this issue as well?  This is one thing that I keep hoping will be resolved with each update.

I like the landscape option a lot, especially since I have to blow up the text size.  It allows more room for the text, and also provides another option for holding the e-reader.  It also adds more flexibility when holding the device for a long period of time.

To access landscape mode, you have to tap the menu and turn it on.  Maybe one day the ability to just turn the Kindle sideways will trigger it.

If your Kindle is using wi-fi, then the update should automatically download.  Otherwise, turn on wi-fi, go to menu, then settings.  Once in the settings, tap menu again and select “Update Your Kindle.” This option will be greyed out if you already have the latest update.

If the success of the Nook GlowLight is any indication, the next big update to the Kindle Touch will be a built in light.  I look forward to being able to read in all lighting conditions without the added hassle of extra accessories.



Kindle Touch 5.0.3 Update Available for Automatic Download

Just wanted to let you know that you should be able to download the latest update: 5.0.3, for the Kindle Touch via Wi-Fi.

Here’s how to do it:

While in your Kindle Touch’s home screen, tap “Menu”, then “Settings.”

Once you are on the Settings page, tap “Menu” again, and go to “Update Your Kindle”.

Your Kindle will take it from there.  Just make sure that it remains turned on so that the update can be fully implemented.  The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

Prior to the update, my Kindle was running really slow.  I had a difficult time trying to get to the different menu options.  There have been reports of page turn lagging slow navigation to the home screen.  Now that the update is complete, it does seem to run faster.  The real verdict will come once I get the chance to use it for a longer period of time.

Overall, this update is minor but it makes some much needed adjustments that will make your navigation and reading experience better.  Generally speaking, it is always good to keep the software up to date for top performance and security.

Suggestions for future updates.

Eliminate the shadowing that appears when transitioning between pages and the home screen.

Provide clearer navigation commands.  Sometimes I try to move to the next page in my list of books on the home screen, and it clicks into the book itself.

Lastly, page turns for lefties.  That is the one thing I miss about my older generation Kindle.  It had page turn buttons on both sides.