Daily Deals: On Gold Mountain and Butter Lion Memo

On Gold MountainToday Amazon drops down price for On Gold Mountain written by Lisa See. You can buy this book for $1.99

Amazon gives the following short review of the book: “Lisa See, daughter of novelist Carolyn See, brings a novelist’s skill to this sprawling ancestral history. Books tracing the roots of overseas Chinese writers are not uncommon these days, but See uncovered in her family tree a capsule history of the Sino-American diaspora: her great-grandfather, Fong See, founded a California business, married a Caucasian woman and fathered many offspring, and returned periodically to China to redistribute some of his wealth and launch another family. See, a Publishers Weekly writer, has conducted extensive interviews and drawn on family lore for an enthralling saga of ambition, prejudice, love, loyalty, and sorrow–social history at its best.”

The See family history is becoming public property. First mother Carolyn with Dreaming (Nonfiction Forecasts, Jan. 2) and now daughter Lisa?but with something far different in mind. Always aware of her part-Chinese roots, she set out five years ago to learn about her far-flung and, as it turns out, famous paternal family. Her great-grandfather Fong See was an extraordinary figure. He established a business in Sacramento, Calif., and later in Los Angeles, when it was an unheard-of thing for a Chinese to do; married a Caucasian and fathered a large brood; returned to China on and off, spreading his wealth around in his tiny native village and creating another extensive family there too. Drawing on family legends and dredging up intimate history through countless interviews with uncles, aunts and cousins both in California and in China, See, PW’s West Coast correspondent, has created a matchless portrait not only of a remarkable family but of a century’s changing attitudes. The early anti-Chinese racism was horrific, and even 40 years ago it was hard for a Chinese to emigrate here, let alone become a citizen. The ambitions, fears, loves and sorrows of See’s huge cast are set forth with the storytelling skills of a novelist?and a great, sprawling novel is what her book often resembles. There are times when it flags and the constant new names become tiresome, and a heartfelt but superfluous chapter on actress Anna May Wong disrupts the flow; but the book is a striking piece of social history made immediate and gripping. Photos. 60,000 first printing; Literary Guild alternate.” —- Reed Business Information, Inc.

Butter Lion Memo

Also you can get Butter Lion Memo for free. But only today.

Historians believe that humans first invented a system of writing to keep from forgetting things, like which types of plants and dinosaurs were good to eat and which weren’t. Fast forward thousands of years, and the ancient quest for an effective way to keep simple notes is finally over: Butter Lion Memo is now available for your Android device.

The genius of Butter Lion Memo lies in its simplicity. Don’t look for any elaborate dating, sorting, tagging, or highlighting features in this app–you won’t find them. There’s no color coding, no keywording, no special interface needed.

All you really need is this: a way to create a note with one tap. A simple title bar. A basic field where you can record the necessary information. (“Get stegosaurus milk.”) Hit Save, and you have your memo.

But what if I need to share my incredible note with the world, you ask? Butter Lion Memo has thought of that. Just touch the Mail icon and you can send your note to any e-mail address on Earth. Use this feature as a way of backing up your important memos, in case your Android device gets eaten by a giant sloth or a velociraptor.

That’s all there is to it. Create, edit, and save as many notes as you need and access them no matter where your travels take you with Butter Lion Memo.

Dreams of Joy – Kindle Edition

Lisa See, the author of one of my favorite books: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, has released a new book that available for Kindle called Dreams of Joy.  See’s latest book is said to be her best yet, and is one of the best books of June, 2011.

Dreams of Joy is the sequel to Shanghai Girls, and follows the lives of sisters Pearl and May, and Pearl’s daughter Joy.  Joy sets off to find her birth father, and the reader gets thrown into the midst of a poignant tale of tremendous love and suffering in the new Red China.  Joy sets off for China after hearing of the new “utopian” society that has set in, only to be completely disappointed when she discovers the truth.

I was shocked at some of the things that were confiscated under Mao’s rule.  The regime felt that bras were oppressive and they were highly frowned upon.  Which is quite ironic considering the foot binding that women are required to undergo.  See describes the foot binding in great detail in Snow Flower.

The reviews capture the essence of the story Dreams of Joy quite well.

Julia A. Andrews

“This is a powerfully written, multi-dimensional story about love. A mother’s unbreakable love for a child. Patriotic love for one’s country. The multitude of forms love can take in a family. The love of a man and woman.”


“This story is also about family secrets and all types of relationships. The characters come alive for the reader. You follow a young woman as she matures learning from her decisions, a man grow into a father, a father trying to make up for past mistakes, a mother trying to be patient while her daughter forgives her,the true meaning of family, and once in a lifetime love. It’s all in this story and it is beautifully written.”