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May 2018
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E-book industry in one picture

If you are new to eBook industry and would like to catch up on all of the relationships between different Amazon Kindle and other different devices and companies in the e-Book universe. This picture created by techflash.com is just the right thing for you. There is also PDF version available that has every arrow linking a related story on techflash.com. You can download it by clicking on the picture below. It will really be worth your time.

eBook Universe by techflash.com

eBook Universe by techflash.com

I guess this picture really is worth a thousand words… Great work, TechFlash!

Amazon Acquires Lexcycle

Recently Amazon has acquired Lexcycle, a company that created Stanza e-book reader application for iPhone and PC. In official statement Amazon claims that they’ll keep Stanza development independent and this is the best way to allow progress and innovation to thrive. Perhaps…

Or peraphs we’ll see Kindle Desktop edition soon and Amazon will expand it’s eBook reach to PC market as well. Although most likely it’s just my wishful thinking…