Good Resources for Free and Discounted Kindle Books

If you’re vigilant about tracking the daily Kindle news, you will find a bunch of good books for free or discounted prices.  They don’t stay discounted for very long, so you have to act fast.

Bookmark’s reader forums.  Overall, these are good resources for anything Kindle related.  Kindle users are the best judges of what works best and what doesn’t.  But, for discounted and free books, check out the forum titled: Discounted / Price Dropped Kindle eBooks.  Put that title in the search box since there’s no way to directly link to the forum itself.  There’s also a Free Kindle book forum that is worth checking as well.  Even if you don’t find a book you like, keep checking.  This forum is updated often.

Don’t forget to check the Top 100 Free Kindle bestsellers list.  A lot of these books are cheesy romance novels or self help books.  Occasionally though, you’ll find a bestseller, or other good book to try out.  About half of the books on my Kindle came from this list.  I was able to discover new favorite authors by finding their books here.  The list also includes Kindle games and active content.

Don’t forget the new Kindle Daily Deals going on.  They include major discounts on bestselling books.  There are some bestsellers that I can’t afford the full price for.  Some are as much as $15!  So, I’ve been keeping track of the Daily Deals to see if they show up there.  One of the most notable ones to show up on the Daily Deals was The Lincoln Lawyer, by Michael Connelly.

Through the forums, I found a great website that provides alerts when prices are dropped on a book.  It is called   The website lets you track Kindle price drops, search for your favorite books, view the free Kindle book list, and see what books have been recently converted to Kindle.  The recently converted book option is quite handy.  There are a bunch of other discounted Kindle book websites.  You’ll find them recommended by readers on the forums, and pretty much anywhere there are discussions regarding the e-reader and e-books. Learn how to open RPMSG file.

Aside from all of the resources here, you can check out the Amazon Kindle Twitter and Facebook page for more news and discount sale information.  The Facebook page has been an excellent resource for both authors and readers alike.

Michael Connelly Joins the Kindle Million Club

Michael Connelly, the author of the bestselling novels, The Lincoln Lawyer and The Fifth Witness, hit the Kindle Million club recently.  Connelly joins Suzanne Collins, Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, and Lee Child.

Connelly is known for exciting legal thrillers, and two of his books have been made into movies.  The Lincoln Lawyer is out in theaters this summer.  Mickey Haller is a criminal defense attorney who takes all sorts of cases.  The term “Lincoln Lawyer” refers to the fact that Haller basically operates out of his Lincoln Town Car, traveling to clients all over.

Haller’s cases are not too high risk, until he takes the case of a playboy accused of attacking a woman in a bar.  On the outset, this case doesn’t sound too complicated, until someone close to Haller is murdered.  Connelly takes the reader on many twists and turns as Haller fights for his life while representing his client.


“What I loved about The Lincoln Lawyer is Connelly’s ability to keep you guessing and leading into some nice cliffhangers at the end of chapters, where we learn something critical to the plot. This really makes his book a page turner. I admit that it was fairly easy reading, very simplistic prose that won’t wow you or give you literary goose bumps. Still, as a thriller and mystery The Lincoln Lawyer succeeds in keeping you on your seat wanting to see how events will be resolved, as Haller attempts to seek justice while not raising suspicion.”

Connelly’s latest book, The Fifth Witness, doesn’t seem to contain the usual edge that other Connelly books have, but it still has some great reviews.  This book is another Mickey Haller novel that focuses on a foreclosure case, and a client accused of murdering the banker who was responsible for taking away her house.  Haller has reasons to believe that his client was set up and that there is suspicious activity surrounding the dealing.

The interesting part about The Fifth Witness to me, is that foreclosures are a large part of our lives now with the flailing economy, so in a way, readers can relate.  Although, I would hope that people would not be taking such extreme measures and killing their bankers like in this book!