Daily Deals: Postcards From Nam and The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure

Postcards From NamToday Amazon offers Postcards From Nam by Uyen Nicole Duong just for $0.99. This book is Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Multicultural category of the 2012 International Book Awards.

Mimi (the protagonist of Mimi and Her Mirror) is a successful young Vietnamese immigrant practicing law in Washington, D.C. when the postcards begin to arrive. Postmarked from Thailand, each hand-drawn card is beautifully rendered and signed simply “Nam.” Mimi doesn’t recognize the name, but Nam obviously knows her well, spurring her to launch what will become a decade-long quest to find him. As her search progresses, long-repressed memories begin to bubble to the surface: her childhood in 1970s Vietnam in a small alley in pre-Communist Saigon. Back then, who was her best friend as well as her brother’s playmate, and what did art have anything to do with the alleys of her childhood? What was the dream of these children then? What happened when these children were separated by the end of the Vietnam war, their lives diverged onto different paths: one to freedom and opportunity, the other to tragedy and pain? Now Mimi must uncover the mystery of the postcards, including what might have happened to the people who where less fortunate: those who escaped the ravaged homeland by boat after the fall of Saigon. When the mystery is solved, Mimi has to make a resolution: what can possibly reunite the children from the alley of her childhood even when the alley exists no more?

About the Author

Uyen Nicole Duong earned a B.S. in journalism/communication from Southern Illinois University, a J.D. from the University of Houston, and an LLM from Harvard Law School. She worked for ten years as a law professor in Colorado before moving to Houston, Texas, where she lives today. Postcards from Nam is the third installment of a three-book series on the end of the Vietnam War and the settlement experience of Vietnamese Americans in the United States. The first two books are Mimi and Her Mirror and Daughters of the River Huong, the latter of which has been used in Vietnamese studies courses at Yale University and San Jose State. In addition to writing fiction, she pursues L’Art Brut (raw art).


The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's AdventureAs usual Amazon opens for free download an application for Kindle Fire. Today it is The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure.

In the kingdom of Arroyo, the King is looking for someone to take the throne when he is gone. The person who finds the Royal Ruby will inherit the kingdom. Rian, the royal scholar, believes he has found the heir to the kingdom in a peasant girl named Elisa.

The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure is a colorful fairytale world where huge dragons, wise magicians, kind monsters, and peculiar plants live. Help the young heiress Elisa ascend to the throne and learn how to rule her country. The road to the royal throne is full of fascinating quests.

This adventure app cleverly combines match-3 with find the hidden objects games. Unravel the mysteries and riddles that encompass more than 50 captivating levels, and search colorful locations for hidden objects. The game’s high-quality, 3D-style graphics in this fairytale adventure will delight both young and old.

Help Elisa save her kingdom!