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May 2018
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Yahoo instant messenger is now available on Kindle

yahoo messenger on amazon kindle

A few days ago we found out that is was possible to once again log into Yahoo Mail using the Kindle, turns out that you now access Yahoo Messenger with the Kindle using the Yahoo mobile service. How cool is that? not only can you read books and browse the web you can now check your emails, instant message your friends/family/colleagues and organise your schedule!

Staying logged into your Yahoo messenger account will cause a significant drain on the battery so its a good idea not to stay logged in for too long. Since the mobile Yahoo messenger site does not use flash or java, you will be required to manually refresh the page to see any new messages you have received.

Now, if only I could log into MSN this device would become perfect! Im sure someone out there is working hard on making that a reality. We already know that meebo.com doesn’t work on the Kindle becuase it uses flash so if anyone knows of a service which allows you to log into several instant messaging services which also works on the Kindle, please feel free to leave a comment.

If you want to try this out yourself, you can follow the link to the Yahoo mobile messenger site:


Source: kindlekorner yahoo group