Kindle Fire Browser HTML5 compatibility list

Here’s what spews out when testing Kindle Fire browser for HTML5 support:

Your browser scores 196 out of a total of 450 points

Parsing rules 1/11
<!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode Yes ✔
HTML5 tokenizer No ✘
HTML5 tree building No ✘
HTML5 defines rules for embedding SVG and MathML inside a regular HTML document. Support for SVG and MathML is not required though, so bonus points are awarded if your browser supports embedding these two technologies.
SVG intext/html No ✘
MathML intext/html No ✘

Canvas 20/20
canvas element Yes ✔
2D context Yes ✔
Text Yes ✔

Video 21/31
video element Yes ✔
Subtitle support No ✘
Poster image support Yes ✔
The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If a browser supports one or more video codecs, two bonus points are awarded for each codec.
MPEG-4 support No ✘
H.264 support No ✘
Ogg Theora support No ✘
WebM support No ✘

Audio 20/20 + 1 bonus
audio element Yes ✔
The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If a browser supports one or more audio codecs, one bonus point is awarded for each codec.
PCM audio support No ✘
MP3 support Yes ✔
AAC support No ✘
Ogg Vorbis support No ✘
WebM support No ✘

Elements 13/28
Embedding custom non-visible data No ✘
New or modified elements
Section elements Partial ○
Grouping content elements No ✘
Text-level semantic elements Partial ○
Interactive elements Partial ○
Global attributes or methods
hidden attribute No ✘
Dynamic markup insertion Yes ✔

Forms 32/98
Field types
input type=search Yes ✔
input type=tel Yes ✔
input type=url Yes ✔
input type=email Yes ✔
input type=datetime Partial ○
input type=date Partial ○
input type=month Partial ○
input type=week Partial ○
input type=time Partial ○
input type=datetime-local Partial ○
input type=number Partial ○
input type=range Partial ○
input type=color Partial ○
input type=checkbox Yes ✔
input type=image Partial ○
textarea Partial ○
select Partial ○
fieldset Partial ○
datalist No ✘
keygen Partial ○
output No ✘
progress No ✘
meter No ✘

Fields 32/98
Field validation Yes ✔
Association of controls and forms Partial ○
Other attributes Partial ○
CSS selectors Partial ○
Events Yes ✔
Form validation Partial ○

User interaction 34/36
Drag and drop
Attributes Partial ○
Events Yes ✔
HTML editing
Editing elements Yes ✔
Editing documents Yes ✔
APIs Yes ✔

History and navigation 5/5
Session history Yes ✔

Microdata 0/15
Microdata No ✘

Web applications 19/20
Application Cache Yes ✔
Custom scheme handlers Yes ✔
Custom content handlers Yes ✔
Custom search providers No ✘

Security 5/10
Sandboxediframe Yes ✔
Seamlessiframe No ✘
Geolocation 0/15
Geolocation No ✘

WebGL 0/25
3D context No ✘
Native binary data No ✘

Communication 5/25
Cross-document messaging Yes ✔
Server-Sent Events No ✘
Both Mozilla and Opera do support the WebSocket protocol in their latest browsers, but have disabled it due to a fundamental security issue with the protocol. Once the protocol has been updated it is expected they will re-enable this feature.
WebSocket No ✘

Files 0/20
FileReader API No ✘
FileSystem API No ✘

Storage 15/20
Session Storage Yes ✔
Local Storage Yes ✔
IndexedDB No ✘
The Web SQL Database specification is no longer being updated and has been replaced by IndexedDB. Because at least 3 vendors have shipped implementations of this specification we still include it in this test.
Web SQL Database Yes ✔

Workers 0/15
Web Workers No ✘
Shared Workers No ✘

Local multimedia 0/20
Access the webcam No ✘

Notifications 0/10
Web Notifications No ✘

Other 6/6
Text selection Yes ✔
Scroll into view Yes ✔

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