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May 2018
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Solution for cracked Kindle problem

Kindle Cover Velcro Fix

Kindle Cover Velcro Fix

While there is an ongoing law suit against Amazon on the matter of Kindle leather cases causing damage to Kindle devices, a user on mobileread.com forum has proposed a simple solution. While it will not help if your Kindle is already broken it will prevent you from damaging your device by opening the cover on the wrong side.

All you need to do is stitch some velcro tape to the upper right corner of the cover like shown on the picture. If you don’t want to stitch I believe that epoxy or super-glue will also do the trick.

The original thread can be found here. Personally, opening the cover on the wrong side never was a problem for me as I always make sure that I see the logo badge before I open it. But it may be helpful to someone.

Amazon to Replace Broken Kindles After Lawsuit

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

The Kindle is an expensive gadget, so many owners take precautions to protect it.  One popular Kindle accessory is Amazon’s own leather cover, which adds a layer of insulation to prevent everyday mishaps.  The only problem is that the hinges on the cover have apparently cracked the cases on a number of Kindle 2’s and Kindle DX‘s, with the damage sometimes even resulting in a frozen display.

After a $5 million lawsuit filed against the company, Amazon agreed to replace Kindles that have been damaged by the cover.  This is a reversal of Amazon’s previous practice of charging $200 for the replacement.  Even though Amazon’s now trying to address the issue, the lawsuit has yet to be withdrawn.  The company, however, refuses to comment on the suit itself since it’s against their policy to discuss ongoing litigation.

So far I don’t see any traces of damage on either of my Kindles but this piece of news has got me strongly considering investing in another kind of Kindle cover. On the other hand should 3rd party cover crack my Kindle, Amazon would be reluctant to exchange it for free. I’m curious, has anyone run into these problems with the Amazon case?