Kindle DX Sold Out

Kindle DX Sold Out

Kindle DX Sold Out

I recently checked Kindle DX product page at and surpirse -surpise! It’s sold out for another 4-6 weeks. Kindle 2 is still readily available for overnight shipment. It looks like Amazon and me have underestimated demand for it.

I’ll keep monitoring website and keep you updated when it becomes available again.

Kindle on eBay Madness

sold out kindle
After selling out in just 5.5 hours, prospective Kindle buyers are turning their attention to eBay where the price of an average Kindle is $864.04, that’s more then double the retail price of $399.00, one desperate bidder paid $1500 for theirs! Prices on range from $600 to $1500.

Dont you wish you had ordered a couple of Kindles on launch day, you could have sold one of them on eBay which would have easily paid for the other one. With the remaining cash you could have downloaded a couple of titles from the Amazon store as-well.

Aside from limited availability, buyers from outside the United States are likely driving the Kindle’s price up, as they are not able to buy it directly from Amazon. However, prices will surely fall once more Kindle owners try to make a quick buck selling their device, just as many did with the Apple iPhone over the summer.

You can keep up to date with the latest Kindle auctions by heading over to Terapeak

Kindle Sold Out in 5.5hrs! No Word on When New Units Will Be Available

Kindle Sold Out in 5.5hrsYeah it’s old news from November, but I still think it needs to be mentioned on this blog. It’s still amazing to me that Kindle sold out in just 5.5 hours.

However this was over a month ago and still says that Kindle is out of stock, and there is still no word on when new units will be available. With Christmas just one week away many people will not be able get one in time, so what do you guys think? is Amazon purposefully holding onto new units in order to build up buzz about the device ?

We will let you know the minute that Kindle is back in stock.