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Reports have been swirling around this past week that Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is supposedly considering creating other gadgets to sell along with the Kindle and Kindle DX.  This would be one tough feat considering that Apple has the monopoly on music players with its iPod, and cell phone carriers make the most revenue from cell phone services.  Plus, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) have a good head start with the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Amazon might be able to compete more closely with the iPad if it creates a tablet like device with a color screen and better internet access.  However, by going to a LCD color display, the company would be abandoning it’s stance on providing a pleasurable reading experience that simulates the experience of reading a regular book.

A recent article from Bloomberg Business Week suggested that Amazon resell items that are already popular in it’s marketplace.  That would save the hassle of creating a new product, and they could still make a decent profit from it. Read how to open PKPASS file.

I think Amazon should focus on the Kindle Books by working with the publishers to make the digital quality better and the prices more affordable.  The Amazon Kindle app. is available on many different devices, including the iPad, and books can be transferred from one device to another.   The recent drop in price and Wi-Fi only model was a smart move on Amazon’s part because the newest Kindle is now sold out.   A cheaper Kindle means consumers can make up for the cost in buying more books.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Considering Other Gadgets”

  1. Why would one assume that the only thing left are smart phones or music players? I don’t think they will come out with a wristwatch that automatically injects your insulin, but think outside the box.

  2. I don’t see how “…creating other gadgets to sell along with the Kindle…” and “however, by going to a [sic] LCD color display, the company would be abandoning it’s [sic] stance on providing a pleasurable reading experience…” have anything to do with each other. If Amazon create some new gadget, why would it have to be a book reader? Thus, why would it matter how it is for reading, if that’s not its purpose?

    Similarly, you don’t have to move to a backlit LCD to get color or video. As has been mentioned here before, there are at least three compelling-looking technologies expected out in devices this year that provide motion, no backlighting, and reasonable power consumption as part of their way of working. Use something like Mirasol or one of the others, and you can have both.

  3. This will sound harsh, but why is the sadness and suffering of others ‘interesting’ to us? What does this say about us?


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