Developing Kindle Apps with KDK

You may have noticed that as of recently I’ve posted less than usual here and in the new Kindle Apps blog. In fact it took a tsunami to get me to post something here. There is a good reason for that. As of recently I’ve got a new hobby – developing Kindle Apps with the KDK (Kindle SDK).

I would like to say that KDK turned out quite elegant and easy to develop with despite the fact that I’m new to Java development (I’ve mostly coded in C++ and C# in the past). I would love to share my experience but at the moment I’m unsure as to how much I can disclose as the SDK is still in closed beta. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some screenshots sometime soon.

Stay tuned

5 thoughts on “Developing Kindle Apps with KDK”

  1. I was wondering can u use the SDK to link to an item in the store. I looked at the API’s but did not find this functionality…

  2. I have no idea at the moment.
    It will take some time for apps to be written so it will take a while.

    I could guess at before the iPad releases but realistically that may be too soon

  3. i took at a look at the KDK documentation, don’t think it was enough inside for me to do what i want.. probably that’s why i am not getting my developer invitation with the idea i posted =(

  4. Is the beta still on? I wanted to develop Financial and Training software but I didn’t even get a reply from Amazon…is the SDK still an ongoing thing…or is it dead?…

    In addition…why keep it limited? Wouldn’t be in the best interest of Amazon to just release it and let everyone create apps?…

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