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One of the great features of Amazon Kindle is instant dictionary lookup. If while reading you encounter a word that you don’t know (like agio), you can just select it with 5-way controller (or scroll-wheel on first generation Kindle) and short definition will popup at the top or bottom of the page.  For a longer explanation you can press the “Enter” key. You can then press “Back” to return to the book you were reading.

By default Kindle comes with only Oxford dictionary of English but you can download more dictionaries and use them for look up too. These can be dictionaries with definitions or translation dictionaries. Only one dictionary can be active at any given time though. So you will need to change you dictionary following these simple steps:

How to change Kindle Dictionary
How to change Kindle Dictionary
  1. From Kindle Home screen press “Menu” and select “Settings”
  2. In the settings screen press “Menu” button again and select “Change Primary Dictionary”
  3. In the screen that lists all available dictionaries select the one you wan to use with 5-way controller.

You can always go back to the original dictionary using the same steps. It is not deleted.

Below is the list of different translation dictionaries for Amazon Kindle:

Kindle English-German Translation Dictionary
Kindle English-German Translation Dictionary

Kindle English-German Translation Dictionary

English-German dictionary that contains translations for 49,549 words + derived words (like arrived or cornering)

Kindle English-Spanish Dictionary
Kindle English-Spanish Dictionary

Kindle English-Spanish Translation Dictionary

English-Spanish dictionary that contains translations for 53,925 words + derived words (like liked or enjoying)

Kindle English-French Dictionary
Kindle English-French Dictionary

Kindle English-French Translation Dictionary

English-French dictionary that contains translations for 51,270 words + derived words (like tested or downloading)

Kindle English-Russian Dictionary
Kindle English-Russian Dictionary

Kindle English-Russian Translation Dictionary

English-Russian dictionary that contains translations for 45,964 words + derived words (like selected or commenting)

Kindle English-Italian Dictionary
Kindle English-Italian Dictionary

Kindle English-Italian Translation Dictionary

English-Italian dictionary that contains translations for 47,031 words + derived words (like selected or commenting)

Kindle English-Portuguese Dictionary
Kindle English-Portuguese Dictionary

Kindle English-Portuguese Translation Dictionary

English-Portuguese dictionary that contains translations for 50,820 words + derived words (like selected or commenting)

Kindle English-Croatian Dictionary
Kindle English-Croatian Dictionary

Kindle English-Croatian Translation Dictionary

English-Croatian dictionary that contains translations for 49,412 words + derived words (like selected or commenting)

Kindle German-English Translation Dictionary
Kindle German-English Translation Dictionary

Kindle German-English Translation Dictionary

German-English dictionary that contains translations for 336,620 words and derived words

Kindle English-Spanish Dictionary
Kindle Spanish-English Dictionary

Kindle Spanish-English Translation Dictionary

Spanish-English dictionary that contains translations for 568,977 words and word forms

Kindle English-French Dictionary
Kindle French-English Dictionary

Kindle French-English Translation Dictionary

French-English dictionary that contains translations for 225,078 words and word forms

Kindle English-Italian Dictionary
Kindle Italian-English Dictionary

Kindle Italian-English Translation Dictionary

Italian-English dictionary that contains translations for 260,699 words and word forms

We’re working on publishing more dictionaries. So if you don’t find a dictionary you are looking for – drop us a comment and check back later – it very well may be here.

145 thoughts on “Kindle Dictionary”

  1. Hello

    First of all, congratulations for your work in offering dictionaries for the Kindle. I would like to put 3 questions:

    1 – do your dictionaries just work with the Kindle or one can use tem in other ebooks readers who can accept mobipocket ebooks and dictionaries (example the Bookeen ones);

    2 – do you intent to offer a Portuguese to English translation dictionary?

    3 – do you intent to offer a full Portuguese dictionary?

    Note: I’m supposing the Portuguese dictionary you are offering is for European Portuguese (thus the flag…), so my other questions are restricted to that option too.

    Best regards,

  2. Do these dictionaries only work on English texts, translating English words into the foreign language, or do they also show English translations when selecting a word in a foreign language text?

  3. Seb,
    So far they only translate from English. We’re working on dictionaries that will translate form other languages to English

  4. Should be great to have the same search feature build in the default kindle dictionary even on these dictionaries. It’s really useful when the dictionary is launched from the “Home”.

    Anyway, congrats for the great work!

  5. I bought a Spanish translation dictionary for the Kindle. It’s pretty good (usually when you put the cursor next to a conjugated verb, it manages to figure out what the verb is). One drawback is when there is a word like “se” or “lo” at the end of the verb, then you have to type in the verb. There are also French and German dictionaries, all very affordable.

  6. Hi there, approximately how far off are Italian/Spanish/French to English dictionaries?
    I am going to buy a Kindle but I am not sure whether to wait for proper dictionaries!

  7. Hi

    I just bought the English-Croatian dictionary. It looks good, but I have one problem. The quick lookup feature (the short one, appearing at the bottom of the page) is not showing all Croatian “special” letters correctly (it shows empty space instead). It is not showing “č”, “ć” and “đ”. The other special ones (“š” and “ž”) are working.
    When I open the dictionary on the whole page (just press “Enter” from that short description), all letters appear OK.
    Could you please advise on any solution for this problem? BTW, I own a Kindle DX Graphite.



  8. Marko,

    I guess that you have 2nd generation Kindle. It unfortunately lacks these characters in some of the fonts. You can either install Unicode Font Hack that is hosted here on this website or upgrade to Kindle 3 that properly supports unicode.

  9. Kindle Guy,

    Yes, Kindle DX Graphite is 2nd generation Kindle (unfortunately, even though it is the latest large size Kindle).
    However, this edition is still not mentioned in your Unicode Font Hack page (it has a serial number starting with B0009). I could not find any answer in the comments also. Do you expect to have Unicode downloads for this edition soon, or should the files for some earlier edition (like i.e. B0005) be used?

    I hope you understand me. It’s better to ask 3 times before doing any “at your own risk” action…

  10. I ordered my girlfriend a Kindle. She is italian, I am dutch. We would be very happy with a dutch-italian dictionary, but for starters a dutch-english would do.
    Thank you

  11. Latin (Lewis and Short? or OLD) and Classical Greek (Liddell and Scott?)dictionaries for Kindle would MAKE MY LIFE.

  12. Will a (modern) Greek-to-English dictionary become available at some point? What about Greek-to-Greek?

  13. Hi: I downloaded the english-french dictionary and the speech-to-text was not enabled as promised. Will the fix come soon? Thanks!

  14. Are there English-Chinese dictionaries for Kindle.
    I have used Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary English to Chinese for many years. It is by far the best I found for English to Chinese translation.

    I would love to have one in kindle version as well.

  15. I am student of Italian and it would be so good if I could use an Italian to English dictionary on Kindle. Does anyone know when this is likely to be agailable?

  16. is there any Chinese to English (Not English to Chinese) dictionaries available or any other way to look up Chinese characters easily?

  17. I love the embedded dictionary lookup.
    I would like to be able to save definitions in a vocabulary list that lives in a separate document on the kindle. About all I’ve been able to do is look stuff up in the dictionary and then highlight the text which then gets saved in My Clippings.

    So if I’m reading a book and find a cool word and want to save the definition AND the sentence(s) that contain the word it would be nice if there were a way to do this and have it save to a My Vocabulary Builder or some such document.

    I’d then want to be able to open the My Vocabulary Builder document and edit it (perhaps deleting entries)

    Does Amazon do all the programming for Kindle or are people building apps for these things?

  18. I hope you will offer a version of the English-Russian dictionary using cyrillics rather than the latin alphabet. Is there any hope of sucha version? Any idea of timescale?

  19. Is there any chance that an English-Hungarian dictionary will soon be available? That would make my kindle just perfect!

  20. These are translators dictionaries.
    What I want is to replace the default english dictionary lookup for a spanish one.
    Is it possible?

  21. Hi Admin
    On your example above that it is possible to change other Primary Dictionary like
    Rusian, Germany etc.
    How do I upgrade my Kindle like above ? Should I purchase it ? Or those Dictionary as part of Kindle Package for Kindle device buyer. (I wish :) )
    I ve got this link “English Indonesian Dictionary for Kindle ” ..
    How do I get it ? How do I put on my Kindle 3 Wifi ?
    Many Thanks.
    I really love my Kindle as just my only e-book reader now.

  22. Hi

    I would like to take up the point raised by Pablo but on behalf of Irish. Ideally an Irish-Irish dictionary would be of great benefit but an Irish-English dictionary would be a superb interim step. Any indication of either of these are in the offing?

    le dea-ghuí


  23. Hi,

    It would be very convinient for me to have an english – greek dictionary suitable for kindle, since greek is my mother’s tongue.
    Thank you

  24. I’d like to join Maarten’s request.
    It would be extremely helpful if you’ll issue a Dutch – English dictionary.

  25. All fair, these requests for translating dictionaries, but can you actually have a non-English primary dictionary yet? Even if it were just French-French, Italian-Italian, etc. (after all, most non-native speakers will know enough of the language they’re trying to read).
    It seems like most posts here are talking about dictionaries as books, rather than assistance in the books they’re reading…

  26. I got an Amazon Kindle 2, and I was wondering if I can connect it to my home wifi. Plus, I live outside USA. I also want to download the Kindle English-Spanish Translation Dictionary, how can I do it?

  27. Hi,

    I would be great to have a portuguese-portuguese dicitionary, not a translator version.


  28. Has anyone experienced problems changing the default dictionary with the Spanish-English dictionary with Kindle version 3.1? The screenshots above reflect Kindle Version 3.0.1 vs. what’s now available at … I own the Kindle (latest version.)

    I’ve tried the setup instructions from the dictionary’s first page – moving the cursor next to words still displays the default Oxford dictionary.

  29. Mike,

    it is a known problem that seems to be related to the book you are trying to read (it works for some, but not others). We’re working on resolving this issue.

  30. Andrei,

    I have experienced similar problem with German-English Dictionary. The behavior is the same as it was described by Mike. Are you going to fix this issue?


  31. I bought and downloaded the Italian-English dictionary from Amazon because I wanted to be able to look up Italian words as I read. Although I have made it the default dictionary it does not work: whenever I move the cursor to a word the Oxford English dictionary tries to give me the meaning – if it can recognise the word as an English one.

    The Italian dictionary is listed and can be used as a stand-alone dictionary, and it is highlighted as the default dictionary under the Settings, but it does not work with the cursor although it is advertised as doing so.

    Am I missing something?

  32. Andrei,

    I noticed the same problem with German-English dictionary, are you going to fix this problem too?

  33. When will you be offering your Portuguese->English dictionary, I see that recently you have released some others that translate FROM a language TO English

  34. I’m having the same problem with the Italian-English dictionary as Charles. When and how are we going to get a fix – or do i need to go back to Amazon and request a refund?

  35. i bought german-english dictionary but it doesnt work as a default one.What do i need to do?Thanks

  36. Can someone please give us an update on whether the problem with using the dictionaries as the default one is going to be resolved or not. And if it is, when.

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