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Here is another emerging resource with free books – This is not the largest e-book library in the world; it has a little bit less than 13,000 books available for your pleasure. The site has a good and clean design and it is not overwhelmed by ads.

The downside of this library is that it is less Kindle-friendly as we are used to. BookRix offers books in EPub format and that means conversion for the Kindle crowd. Hello, Calibre.

Edgar PoeThere is an optional registration for the book lovers, which is actually a good thing – BookRix has a pretty solid roster of active users. I like when e-book libraries have user involvement, because that usually means there are book reviews. And book reviews help me in deciding which new and unusual book to pick.Joseph Conrad

So if you were thinking to read good old Edgar Poe’s The Raven for free, then welcome to BookrRix ($0.99 on Amazon). Also, BookRix has Joseph Conrad’s Mirror of the Sea available for free ($0.95 on Amazon).

BookRix is an emerging-author-friendly site. So, if you are hiding your first book creation under the pillow, not sure if the world is ready to buy it, but kind of, hesitantly, but surely, want the world to read it for free, then Bookrix has a good audience for you. Try it out! Maybe your baby will get harrypotter-popular!

And, of course, if you are not a snobby classics-only avid reader, then perhaps you will discover a young author you will fall in love (of literary admiration, that is).

2 thoughts on “Free E-books from BookRix”

  1. It is pretty sick to claim that Bookrix got “13,000 books available for your pleasure” – if you would go through the trouble (and trouble that is) to open these “books” you would see the fraud and disappointment in this numbers. Please do some more serious research and don’t send users to bad pages (with no book reviews there at all), thanks.

  2. Maria Follander,

    Would you care to elaborate on what exactly is so “fraud” and disappointing about BookRix? The books that I recommended in this post are available in ePub format for downloading.

    I do confess, I did not count book by book, to determine the exact number of e-books BookRix has available. I would be crazy if I did.

    I have a suspicious feeling that the only purpose of your comment is to advertise your blog. I do sincerely hope that I’m wrong.

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