Free Kindle 2 Giveaway Contest Rules

Here are the rules of the contest, please read them carefully:

When Amazon Kindle 2 was released Kindle Store had 240,000+ books for sale. This number is growing daily and it’s about to hit 250,000 which is pretty impressive. In order to win brand new Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless eInk reading device all you need to do is email me your best guess about when number of books in Amazon Kindle Store is going to top 256,000 (one thousand books for each megabyte of flash memory in Kindle 1 :) )

You can visit Amazon Kindle Store daily to get a feel for how fast eBooks are piling up. Count as of 03/13/2009 was 248,429 when I checked. I will accept entries until the day number of books will be more than 250,999. I check book counts every 00:01 PST and that would be the cutting line. Once I see 251,000 books or more – no more entries are going to be accepted. I will announce the cut-off date once it happens. After that it’s waiting time: once I see 256,000 books or more at 00:01 that would be the winning date. I’ll announce it in the morning. Of all persons who submitted entries with this date I’ll randomly pick 1 winner.

To submit your entry just send an e-mail to with your chosen date in the subject in the following form: MM/DD/YYYY, where MM is two digit zero-padded month number, DD is two digit zero-padded day number and YYYY is 4 digit year. So 03/21/2009 would be 21st of March 2009, 04/03/2009 would be 3rd of April, 2009. Please don’t put anything else in the subject line. Any content in the message body is going to be ignored. I will use email address the letter was sent from to contact the winner and arrange for shipping the prize. Any entries that don’t follow the format described above will be discarded. If I don’t receive a response from the winner within 72 hours from sending the letter a new winner will be chosen.

One entry per person for the entire duration of the contest. Cheaters WILL BE disqualified! Amazon employees are on their honor not to participate :)

I will not use your email address for any other reason then to contact your if you are a winner. I’ll not give them to spammers, spam them myself or randomly send out my rants when I feel lonely and sad. In fact once this contest is settled I’m going to delete all of them.

I will not disclose winners identity even partially without winners consent. Though it would be nice to receive this consent for posting at least winner’s city. If you provide a photograph of the Kindle 2 once you receive it (with you if you would like to) I promise to post it here.

OK. Once again the rules in a nutshell:

  1. Figure out a date on which at 01:00 PST Amazon Kindle Store would have 256,000 books or more
  2. Send email to with this date date in the subject line in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY (see details and examples above)
  3. Email should be sent on a day on which at 01:00 PST book count in Amazon Kindle Store was 250,999 or lower. I’ll post when it happens (though not immediately)
  4. There is a limit of one entry per person for the entire duration of the contest.
  5. Out of the  people who submitted correct date properly 1 winner will be chosen randomly.
  6. Winner will be contacted on the winning day described in (1) using email that entry was submitted from.
  7. If I don’t receive any response from the winner within 72 hours of sending the email a new winner would be chosen randomly.
  8. In the unlikely case that (6) would be repeated enough times that no winner could be chosen, I’ll randomly choose a winner from people who were off by 1 day either way. I’ll keep expanding the date range and repeating (6) until winner can be found.

That means that as long as there are valid entries somebody is pretty much guaranteed to win.

Why am I doing this? Honestly I would like to see more comments to my posts, I would like readers to get more involved with the blog. I believe that an easy way of achieving that would be to attract more subscribers by holding this contest. So if you like this blog and what I write here please spread the word on other blogs and forums. The more people I would see enjoying the content that I provide here the more time I’ll spend creating more better content.

If you have any questions – please leave a comment. I’ll try to respond as fast as possible.

16 thoughts on “Free Kindle 2 Giveaway Contest Rules”

  1. Great blog. Will definitely try to win a Kindle for my wife :)
    BTW, the number of book is 248,429, not that it really matters ;-)

  2. They must have switched it…. Just kidding :)
    Thank you for noticing. I’ve updated the post.

  3. Do you mean just Kindle books, or including Kindle books, magazines, blogs? Because today, Saturday the 14th, there are actually fewer books than 248,429. (There’s 248,241.)

  4. I mean just the books. It does wiggle a little bit. But overall it keeps climbing. Anyway midnight counts are the official data points. As of 03/14/2009 the midnight count was 248,081

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  6. What happens if there’s more than 1 entry from an email address? Do you a) toss them all, b) take the first entry only, c) take the last entry only?

  7. If multiple entries contain the same answer they are treated as one. This also applies to people who submitted their answer in incorrect format and corrected it later.
    If there several different answers – all letters from that address are tossed.

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  10. I guess since Kindle now has over 300,000 books the contest is over? I will have to keep my eyes open for a new contest, I love these little suckers and only heard abou them today from a friend who got one.

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