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Leather Kindle CoverIf you are on a shopping spree and really feeling like dressing up your Kindle, then I’d be pleased to help you out. I find that there is something inexplicably charming, when people dress sup their gadgets in handmade accessories. Perhaps, Etsy really triggered this new fad of getting handmade covers for all sorts of gadgets.

Here are some options for unique handmade Kindle covers available via Etsy.

If you are into fancy-pants, leather covers – here is a beautiful orange Kindle cover, shipped from Hungary for $46 for the cover and $6 for shipping.

Merino Wool Kindle CoverIf soft, floral and quite expensive Kindle cover is your style then here is an option for you. That would cost $65 (holy smokes!) and $4.50 for shipping within USA. The same designer is selling a beautiful giraffe with dreamy eyes for the same (very high) price.

If spending $65 on a Kindle cover seems a bit excessive for you, then there are other fantastic options – such as this clutch style with square leather button Kindle cover for $25 with $4.95 shipping within US.

Also, this completely custom made e-reader cover (you have to specify which e-reader you have) – you can choose a button, the type of fabric on the outside and inside of the cover. This cover goes for $29.99 plus $2.50 for shipping within US.

If floral and giraffe designs is not quite your style, here is a very nice grey Kindle sleeve made from merino wool for $39.99 plus $5.50 for shipping. The same designer has a really nice hand dyed leather Kindle cover for $68.

And if you like to pretend like you are holding a hardcover book, while reading from your Kindle, then you might like this style for Kindle case for $34.99 plus $10 shipping within US.

3 thoughts on “Handmade Kindle Covers”

  1. If people are looking for something a bit cheaper, and more colorful, I highly recommend WallabyBagCo over at Etsy. Carrie is very nice and she makes the prettiest, most durable cases. I bought mine a month and a half ago and just love it. She makes them custom to fit whichever e-reader you own.


  2. I just got our case from Joe V. Leather and the snap does not crush or in any way hinder the screen. Everything is well protected and padded. I do agree with Nicole that there is more economical options but nothing beats the smell of quality leather, plus the fact that it only gets better with age, compared to fabric types cases which can get dirty, start threading, and life span is a couple of years.

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