Kindle 2.0.4 (353720025) and Kindle DX 2.1.1 (351050064) updates

On the Kindle source code page two new packages recently appeared:

Some users have already reported receiving these updates on your devices. Manual Kindle software update URL still returns 2.0.3 for me and there is no known URL to check for Kindle DX updates at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be any update for the original 1st generation Kindle at the moment.

If you notice any differences after your Kindle updates, please let me know. This would also be a good time to temporarily revert Unicode Font Hack or any other firmware-altering hacks that you have installed so that automated update installation will not fail. You can safely reapply hacks after you get the updates.

7 thoughts on “Kindle 2.0.4 (353720025) and Kindle DX 2.1.1 (351050064) updates”

  1. I guess that we will never see any upgrades for the Kindle 1.

    I was hoping one day for folders, but alas it will probably never be.

    This will teach me to be an early adopter.

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  3. Early adopters get to use the product longer. I would not trade for anything all the wonderful hours I have spent with my K1 and K2. Yes, I too long for folders but it is not a deal-breaker when it makes reading so much easier, faster and more enjoyable for me.

    As to the updates, I’ve never been able to tell what any of them have done. Am just happy that both my Kindles keep perking along.

  4. My K2 updated to 2.0.4 automatically last night. The only difference I’ve noted is that it seems to respond faster and the browser doesn’t seem to die as frequently. The battery drain also seems to be faster.

    I really wish they’d fix the fonts.

  5. Kindle 2 found an update today at 12:10 pm.

    Auto-updated and restarted.

    Settings still show 2.03 version.

    Does that mean that the 2.0.4 (353720025) update failed?

  6. I think that there is something strange going on with Kindle updates. Usually when an update fails you see a message that specifically states that and the error code.
    My DX recently updated by version number didn’t change either.
    I’m going to wait some more and then contact Amazon.

  7. Same issue with me, I turned wireless on, it downloaded an update, installed whatever it downloaded, but my K2 is still showing 2.0.3 (327610024) and not 2.0.4.

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