Kindle 2 Drop Test

Kindle 2 Drop Test
Kindle 2 Drop Test

While I’m on the topic – here’s Kindle 2 drop tested the same way as other Kindles – 30″ on some kind of hard surface. Click on the image to view the video.

Unfortunately I had the chance to conduct several such tests myself. Fortunately the outcome was positive and I can still use my device. Unfortunately there was no high-speed camera filming it so I can’t post my personal results.

Here are links to drop tests of other Kindle models if you are curious:

Kindle DX drop test

Kindle 1 drop test

2 thoughts on “Kindle 2 Drop Test”

  1. I received a Kindle as a gift in April – dropped it from waist high in May and screen started darkening – called Amazon and was told I could buy a new one for $200 – did so, since it was a gift. Had the new one for one month; it slipped from the bed to the floor. Now I can’t read it either.

    Customer Service is no help – they want me to pay another $200. Given that they’ve advertised a fall from 30 inches with no harm, does anybody have any suggestions?

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