Kindle Book Count – March & April 2009

I’ve been counting books in Kindle Store on a daily basis and now the time to share results:

  • When I first started counting on the 2nd of March 2009 there were 242,488 books in the Kindle Store.
  • As of the 12th of May 2009 there are 281,986. 39,498 books in 71 days.
  • So on an average day 556 new books are added to the vast collection already available to Kindle owners.
  • If the pace remains constant there will be 411,606 books in the Kindle Store by the end of the year.
  • Target of 300,000 books is estimated to be hit on the 13th of July June, 2009
  • Target of 400,000 books is estimated to be hit on the 10th of December, 2009

Lets wait and see how accurate these predictions will be. So far as you can see from the chart below the pace has been quite constant

Kindle Book Count May 2009

If you are interested in what kind of books are these take a look at the next chart (click to zoom in)

Kindle  Book Types May 2009

If you add up the numbers you’ll notice that the sum is more than 281k. This is because there usually one book belongs to more than one category.

I’ll make a habit of posting these statistics every month.

6 thoughts on “Kindle Book Count – March & April 2009”

  1. I would be interested to see how different those results would be if the Kindle store were purged of the many duplicates it contains.

  2. Very interesting pie chart!

    I’m curious–how does that compare to all books on Amazon? All books in the top 100K of Amazon salesrank?

  3. 250,000+ sounds like a lot of books but, for me, it isn’t. I regularly purchase from Amazon and 80 percent of books I’ve purchased and/or looked at for the past year haven’t been available for Kindle (and these aren’t graphic novels or scientific text books or anything similar). I often think about buying a Kindle, but I find that I have to search too hard to find the books for the device (and I don’t include books in the public domain b/c there’s no way I’d buy a Kindle just to read those books). Anyway, this is no different than when the music services first started out — if you want the NYTimes or Amazon bestseller, sure, a lot of those are available, but if you want variety it’s not quite there.

  4. I hope one day Amazon will put the same efforts to extend their market in more countries. There are a lot of people for example in Europe who wants to use Kindle, but the device is like ‘out of range’ if one takes it outside of Spring networks – difficult to download new books, let alone newspapers and magazines.

  5. I agree here. I just purchased a Kindle 2 and am a bit disappointed. Because I live in Ireland a lot of books I want are not available for me and I would like to know why and also if they ever will be available for me.

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