Kindle DX crashed in PDF viewer

Looks like I’ve found a bug in Kindle DX PDF viewer: any time I open the second page of this PDF file Kindle DX would go into quick reboot. When it comes out of the reboot all of the items are gone from the home screen. To get them back I needed to create some dummy text file to force folder rescan.

It would be nice if someone could try to reproduce this crash and confirm that this problem is not specific to my Kindle. A word of warning though – although there seemed to be no lasting damage to my device and all my files were intact as well this kind of crashes (I would guess a buffer overflow or NULL pointer dereference) have potential for damaging the data. So if you feel like reproducing this bug do it at your own risk.

I’ll also follow up on this issue with Amazon and keep you posted on the progress.

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16 thoughts on “Kindle DX crashed in PDF viewer”

  1. I only have an original Kindle, so I can’t test this, but I wonder if it is due to the fact that first page (cover) is portrait, while the rest of the document, excluding the back cover, is landscape. Possibly changing orientation at the page turn is the cause of the problem. Maybe this can be confirmed by trying another .pdf that is structured in the same way.

  2. I have a problem with my DX. I can’t transfer files from my Dell XPS with a 10,000 rpm drive; however, using my Dell laptop with the same operating software but a slower drive, I have no problem. Also, I have no problem transferring files from the XPS to my Kindle 2.

    I’m thinking that this must be a buffer overrun, etc. with the DX. I don’t have the technical knowledge and so am reluctant to even guess. So far Amazon hasn’t gotten back to me. Amazon did send me a replacement DX, but the problem persisted so it wasn’t faulty hardware on my original DX.

  3. I don’t think it’s related to your HDD. What problem exactly do you have? Do you see Kindle drive at all?

  4. I found the same problem you did with some early PDF’s from this vendor, . These were PDF’s they indicated would not work with Kindle DX and I stupidly tried anyway. They have since released PDF’s that work fine on DX.

    You might point Amazon to them as it looks like they knew what in their PDF’s caused the issue.

  5. Downloaded the PDF file to my Mac and to my DX. Reads OK using Preview on the Mac. Causes reboot on the DX – twice so far. Will complain to Kindle Support.

  6. My DX problem relates only to copying files to it. I open the DX documents file and try to drag or copy either a pdf or prc file to it. (I haven’t tried any other formats.) The prc files all copy without incident to the Kindle 2. So the problem isn’t the files. As the copying starts it is interrupted with a Vista error message saying the file can’t be found and the DX disconnects from my XPS. When I reconnect the DX to my XPS, I get a Vista message that I should run a scan to correct a problem on the DX. I run the scan (w/o automatic correction) and I’m told by Vista that all is well. But the same problem repeats. The DX receives downloaded files from Amazon without problem, and copying to the DX via my laptop goes without a hitch. So, the problem is for me merely a nuisance but only because I have a second computer. My XPS works, as I said, with the Kindle 2; and the only substantive difference that seems apparent to me is the XPS has a 10000 rpm drive. Hopefully others will have similar issues and Amazon will find a software fix.

  7. Bruce,

    I think that you have a faulty USB driver or controller on your XPS. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work at all (it works with your K2) but only in some specific conditions. Usually such problems are very hard to trace and fix so since you have a computer that works with your K-DX I’d leave this like that and enjoy life.

  8. YOu may be right. The good news is that over the last year there has never been any other problem even though numerous USB devices are hooked up to my XPS. The better news is that problems like this go hand in hand with my enjoyment of life. So, I’ll keep looking for a fix while making excellent use of my DX. Thanks.

  9. my kindledx sometimes shut it down itself suddenly and screensaver appears ..which is the one shows the tree ..first i thought battery dead but when i restarted kindledx..battery looks ok. so i think i had same problem
    i was trying to understand why it happened then i read your blog ….maybe because of pdf files like you said or maybe it happened after i installed unicode fonts for kindledx ..later i uninstalled that .but it happens sometime.i dont know ..

  10. perhaps it just times out? if you leave Kindle alone for some time (don’t press any buttons or 5-way stick) it will go into “screensaver mode”. this is normal, hack or no hack.

  11. I’ve had a problem with the Kindle DX crashing on me too…it’s happened 3 times, and every single time it’s been while the web browser was open.

  12. Best way to deal with it is to check if this happens consistently on the same web-page and then email Kindle support about it. They can’t fix the problem unless they know about it and they can’t possibly test Kindle on all PDF files and web-pages.

  13. I try to download pdf files into my Kindle DX from Vista64 and Vista32 computers. Vista64 freezes and kills the Kindle. I have to reboot the Kindle.

    On Vista32 computer I am unable to see the Kindle in the Explorer window. I saw it once but then it disappeared.

    Does any one has a solution?

  14. I got the same problem for some PDF files not all files. It seems the affected files need newer version of Adobe. if the files composed by newer version Adobe, it will lead this problem.

  15. Can you explain how to create a dummy text file and force a rescan? I have this problem fairly often. I have talked with the amazon people and been told that there are bad or corrupt pdfs (they also told me there was no way to tell which files will be a problem which I find hard to believe). I have over 1500 pdf articles on my dx and would like to know how to remove the problematic ones so this doesn’t keep happening.

    Also I would like to know what the best way to get the disappeared documents to show up again. Currently I plug it into my computer and then eject it and the files return (although I sometimes have to repeat this process).


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