Kindle DX is a Calculator

Looks like I’ve found a new Easter Egg in Kindle DX. I’ve just tested my Kindle 2 and it doesn’t seem to do the trick with 2.0.3 software.

If you type mathematical expression like 2+2 in the search box on the home page the result shown would be result of this expression. See screenshot:

Kindle DX Calculator Easter Egg
Kindle DX Calculator Easter Egg

I’ve played around with it and it seems to support following operations:

  • Basic math: plus, minus, multiplication, division, power (^) and square root (sqrt)
  • Parenthesis
  • Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, atan
  • Division by zero yields infinity result (∞)

I found this by sheer chance as I was trying to use search to find one of the two hundred PDF files I’m testing Kindle DX with right now by a portion of it’s name (6-2-3). Turns out Kindle DX doesn’t index file names but it did tell me that 6-2-3=1 :)

It would be great for Amazon to also add currency conversion as part of this calculator.

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  2. Very cool. Any idea how to get the DX to display the time? I remember Command+T working in the Kindle 1.

  3. On the Kindle 2, you can type your equation and, rather than hitting enter and searching, use the right on the 5-way to go to Google and select that. That will give you your answer. Of course, connectivity is required for that. I would assume any of the other Google functions also work (currency conversion, time, etc.).

  4. Also, typing @t from the HOME screen

    will get you date & time in a pop-up box

    At the home page, press Enter key (below ‘Del’)
    and then enter @t
    and press Enter key again

    Unfortunately you need the symbol key to do the @
    but it’s just one up and one up to the right.

    That combo doesn’t, so far, work in books but there’s likely
    a way.

    – Andrys

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  6. * Kindle2 in function calc ?

    Dear All !

    Now I get Kidle2 yesterday.And your tips used ..
    I found function calc …

    >> pi = ? –> Ans. 3.1415..
    >> 20*log(10^3) = ? –> Ans. 60

    It’s fun !!!!

    ** Yuji **

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