Kindle DX Release Date Contest


Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover
Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

I’ve decided to have another date guessing contest here on This time it’s about guessing the release date of Amazon Kindle DX.

The rules are quite simple: pick a date and send an email to [email protected] with the date in the subject line in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY. So 4th of July 2009 would correspond to 07/04/2009. Please be careful about the date format as I use automated means for selecting winners. This means that if you get the date right but write it wrong you can not win.

I’ll randomly choose a winner from all the people who correctly guess Kindle DX release date or among those who guess the closest.

Rather than setting a specific deadline for submissions I’ll set the following rule: winners will only be chosen from entries submitted at least 7 days before the date is officially announced. When is it going to happen? I don’t know :) But I believe it’s more fun this way. So technically it’s possible that the date would be announced 5 minutes after this post gets published and no entries would be eligible. Oh, well…

The prize would be Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover that would go nicely with your Amazon Kindle DX once it’s released.

I’ll never use your email addresses for any other purpose than contacting the winner. People who participated in the previous contest can testify to that being true – except for the lucky winner, none ever heard from me.

If you like the idea of this contest you can help by letting other people know about it and this blog.

5 thoughts on “Kindle DX Release Date Contest”

  1. habitwill, thanks for letting everyone know. this doesn’t count as entry though – please read the post carefully – you need to send the email.

  2. Curious about contest. Rules stated 7 days before the date is officially announced. It was officially announced today 6/1. I am asking due to self interest as I submitted the correct date as my entry yesterday. Thanks and keep up the strong blog work.

  3. So has there been any information about the PDF support the DX will have being available for the Kindle2 as a firmware updated?

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