Kindle Fire Skins From DecalGirl

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Usually when a fire is out, things cool down. But if you have been keeping up with the news, you know that Amazon’s sales figures for the Kindle Fire suggest that things are really heating up. According to CNN Money, sales of the Fire are estimated to reach 5 million by the end of this year.

DecalGirl has prepared for the Fire (and the Kindle Touch) by offering a pre-sale on skins for those devices for the past couple of weeks. Now that the Fire is out, DecalGirl skins are ready to roll so that you can have your Fire and skins for it, too.
In this week’s post I am going to shut my mouth, so to speak, and just let you see some of our currently most popular skins for the Kindle Fire. As usual, clicking on any of the images in the post will take you to the page featuring that design at, so you can take a closer look.
First up, we have a perfect design to cover a Fire: “Flower Of Fire” by DecalGirl Collective.

Next is a design called “Fascinating Surprise” by Kate Knight. The mix of colors on this one make it appear dark and yet bright at the same time.

The third design fits the upcoming season: “Winter Sparkle” by Madart.
Valentina Ramos offers a design of a different sort, “Owls Family.”

And the final design for now is “Sacred Honu” by Al McWhite.

Those five designs are among 33 skin designs for the Kindle Fire that are currently ready to ship, but remember that you are not limited to those designs for your new Fire skin. At DecalGirl you can shop by design and choose from any of over 2000 works of art for your skin.

Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! Settle in next to the fireplace with a good book on your Kindle, and I’ll have more to share next week.

5 thoughts on “Kindle Fire Skins From DecalGirl”

  1. Well what do i Think about the fire …

    Its nice to see a tablet below 200€ but i wont buy one because:

    – I dont live in the u.s
    – I dont like the close amazon binding

    Will rather wait for a cheap samsung or whatever pad if i have the money, but besides reading magazins i dont see a big point, i still hope for a a4 color e-ink reader in the near future ;)

    But for now i will also settle with a nice skin for my kindle 4 ;)

  2. I love DecalGirl skins and cannot wait to get my hands on the Kindle fire. I have 3 kindles and look forward to adding a fourth in the family.

  3. I quite like the fire – as I think most people will who don’t try to make it into something it’s not.

  4. So far I am pleased with my kindle fire. My first kindle ever and I’m liking this new way of reading. Everything else is a great bonus. Lack of android market is my only complaint but I’m sure Amazons app store will continue to grow. (Scared to root!)

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