Kindle Software 2.0.3 (327610024)

Kindle software update version 2.0.3 is being rolled out over the WhisperNet. I decided not to wait for the automated installation to fail because I have font hack and Savory installed and did a manual update. Uninstallers for both hacks worked just fine and official update installed without any problems. I used Igor’s script to take a peek inside the update packages and copied some files from Kindle before I installed the update. I then sucesfully applied the official patch, made another copy of the files that were updated but didn’t find any exciting changes.

All-in-all, it looks like a collection of bugfixes. It’s possible that TTS change is there.

First thing after the official patch – I’ve reinstalled the Unicode Font Hack and it installed just fine.

Kindle Software Update 2.0.3
Kindle Software Update 2.0.3

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  4. I install russian fonts (UFHack 0.1). Everything working very good, but when I transfer pdf files with names with russian letters to Kindle 2.0.3 it shows instead of russian letters ???. Is it possible to fix that?

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  6. Amazon broke the USB network connectivity with 2.0.3

    As someone who is working with the military out of country USB connectivity was great but now I have to manually download and transfer my files. Any idea how to get USB connectivity back?

  7. would you please tell me step by step how to install the hack file. I have a kindle os2.03 and want to install the font so I can read chinese books.



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