Mangle: Manga Meets the Kindle

For anyone interested in manga, there is a free, open source software available called Mangle.  Manga is a series of Japanese cartoons or comics that cover all genres such as action, comedy, romance, sports, science fiction, fantasy and others.  Manga has become a huge hit in Japan and worldwide.  Usually the comics are printed in black and white, but there are a few color versions floating around.

Mangle was created by Alex Yatskov several years ago for the older generation version of the Kindle.  This software works really well with the Kindle 3.  Click here for downloading instructions, and for images of software demonstrations.

The Kindle 3’s improved screen makes graphics much easier to read.  Graphics have been a common complaint among Kindle users, but that seems to be improving.  You can zoom in or out and rotate the images as desired.  Manga pages in the physical books are small, but there are a lot of them.  More pages take up space, so transferring them to a digital format solves that issue.

The other cool thing about providing manga in a digital format is that it attracts an audience who might not like to read regular books.  Some people just enjoy reading a story through graphics rather than words.  It would be awesome if this option could be provided on all of the Kindle platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.  When I think about it though, the black and white aspect of manga might just be a better fit for the Kindle device itself.

There is a good selection of manga available in the Kindle Books section on Amazon.  A lot of them seem to be either in the romance or horror category.   Anyone know of any particularly good novels they would recommend?  I have been introduced to the world of manga, but would like to hear about what great titles are out there to check out.

4 thoughts on “Mangle: Manga Meets the Kindle”

  1. depends on the genre
    dark fantasy = berserk
    sci fi = gantz
    mystery = detective conan
    most popular in japan = naruto, one piece

  2. I wonder how this compares to creating a PDF with manga images on the kindle.

    Gantz and Blame! would be nice for the kindle.

  3. One Piece is brilliant. There’s a reason it sets new book sale records in Japan every time a volume comes out. Its hard to convince people to read a series thats 60 volumes long though (Probably why Viz is doing this 3-in-1 books now).

    Yotsuba& is about a young girl who does ordinary things. I find that people who have kids seem to like it more.

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