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logo_plastic_logicPlastic Logic has revealed that their device will use AT&T’s 3G network to download  content.  This move places the Plastic Logic Reader in even more direct competition with the Kindle, which uses Sprint’s 3G network instead.

If the battle between Barnes & Noble’s store and Amazon’s comes down to the eReaders themselves, this is a significant step in Plastic Logic catching up.  They’ve even one up’ed Amazon by adding WiFi to the device (although WiFi might not be too far off for the Kindle).

The catch is that no details have been revealed as to what kind of pricing plan will be in place to use the network.  Unlike Whispernet, which is free excluding the upfront device costs, Plastic Logic could decide to go in a different direction.  Whispernet doesn’t cost anything because Amazon pays every time you download something.  If Plastic Logic didn’t want to make that kind of commitment, they could defer payments to the customer.

Either way, the plot has thickened with Barnes and Noble and Plastic Logic.  It seems like the best way to compete with Amazon is to find a way to copy their model.

3 thoughts on “More Plastic Logic News”

  1. Sounds like just another Kindle Kopy. I have had no problems with K1 and K2 and the whole DRM thing does not affect me. So far, no reason to think about switching.

  2. Plastic Logic is still just talking about a product. By the time it comes to the market, assuming Plastic Logic ever makes that actual step, there will be entirely new iterations of the Kindle as well as the Apple tablet well into its maturity. Plastic Logic has to be given credit, credit that is for getting so many people to talk about a non-existent product.

  3. I’m puzzled why Verizon Wireless is not yet involved in these reader download announcements. Could it be they have some BIG deal cooking, but not ready yet? I’d be surprised if they will sit out the book/magazine/newspaper download market. Or are they waiting to more broadly roll out their 4G network to avoid the traffic problems AT&T experienced with the iPhone launch?

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