Scratched My Kindle 2

Couple of days ago I was rushing to an appointment and withing much thinking stuffed my Kindle 2 in jacket pocket. But I failed to consider the fact that my keys were also in this pocket. Next time I looked at my Kindle it looked like this :(

Scratched Amazon Kindle 2

Scratches are quite ugly. On the bright side – it still works. Although I had leather cover I hardly ever used it because it made the device just a notch thicker so it wouldn’t fit in my favorite pocket anymore. I guess I should reconsider my policy now…

15 thoughts on “Scratched My Kindle 2”

  1. I’m amazed I haven’t done the same yet. Although I do try to always use a cover, I’m “hard on things”. If I can just get 4 years out of each Kindle that would lower my cost to about $90 a year.

  2. I already did. Would have ordered even if I didn’t scratch it. Can’t help it – I’m a geek :)

  3. If you keep it, get a sleeve! Doesn’t weigh much. Would guard against those scratches though.

    You’re getting a cover for your DX, no? The warranty is pretty up there!!

  4. OMG, my heart sank to my stomach!! A little late to help you but I have a screen protector that I use along with my leather cover or my sleeve. I wonder if something like “Apple Polish” might help. It worked wonders on my iPod.

  5. I was thinking about screen protector film but decided against is as I though that it would produce glare and make it harder to read on a sunny day outside

  6. This makes me glad that I just ordered the invisible shield. I think if you place it on it that it might hide the scratch. You never know. Sorry to hear that tho!

  7. I keep my Kindle in a case but managed to scratch it while reading outdoors (something small got on screen and I picked at it — mistake!).

  8. Amazon does not stand behind its products. On my Kindle 1 keys froze and the screens changed back and forth but Kindle said it was out of warranty and I had to pay $185 for a refurbished Kindle I. Instead I got a Kindle II and within 6 months there was a problem with the screen. Kindle told me it wasn’t under warranty and that I would have to pay $135 to get it fixed. Amazon is a liar and a cheat and their Kindle product is obviously not ready for market if can’t even last a year with careful use. I would advise people against purchasing the Kindle until Amazon can perfect it and is willing to stand behind its warranty and not hide behind the small print in its warranty.

  9. I think Amazon needs to deliver these Kindles with a huge WARNING: Screen scratches extremely easily! We are all used to more robust devices like the iphone that do not scratch very easily. If Amazon wants us to treat the Kindle like Faberge eggs, then they need to warn us… otherwise they should admit that their product was poorly designed.

  10. To bad! I got a deep scrach in mine, so deep its screwing with the pixels. I got the scrach walking 50m with the kindle in my chestpocket. Noting else was in the pocket! Its only 5days old. bu hu. Should heve had a cover!

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