Sony Reader Touch/Pocket vs. Kindle

Sony Reader Touch
Sony Reader Touch

Sony’s latest competition against the Kindle are the  Sony Reader Touch and Sony Reader Pocket.  Here’s a quick roundup of various reviews of these new products from around the net.

  • Gizmodo – Glare ruins the Reader Touch, Pocket is short on features but cheap price.
  • ZDNet – The Reader Touch works great, glare isn’t much of an issue.
  • CNET – Reader Touch get 3 out of 5.  Better to get Kindle at this price.
  • CNET – Reader Pocket gets 3.5 out of 5.  Good deal for the price.
  • Financial Times – Touch screen more natural to use than Kindle controls, but misses wireless.  Reviewer likes free Kindle iPhone app over Reader Pocket.
  • Mobile Tech Review – Reader Touch has caught up with Amazon and may even get some Kindle defectors.
  • iReaderReview – Reader Touch gets 7.75 out of 10.  Doesn’t quite beat the Kindle but Sony is getting really close.
  • iReaderReview – Reader Pocket vs. similarly priced Kindle 2 refurb.  Pocket is better for basic reading, but Kindle 2 has better additional features.

2 thoughts on “Sony Reader Touch/Pocket vs. Kindle”

  1. :o I actually just returned my sony ereader pocket edition to bestbuy a day after someone gifted it to me as a b-day gift once I found out that the Kindle 2 did indeed allow me to browse anywhere. About to order the kindle 2 ( it’s only an extra +$10 and that’s with 2-day shipping ) from amazon, although all these naysayers with kindle 2 complaints almost, nearly, just barely (not) depress me.. what do you think?

  2. I didn’t try Sony Reader Pocket Edition myself yet. My Sony Reader Touch is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday and I plan to reveiw it then. My next priority is reviewing Daily Edition when it comes out.

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