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The Kindle and Kindle DX have had a version of Sudoku available for awhile, but the game just got much better with the recent release of EA’s version of the Sudoku.  EA has a great reputation for Kindle games if their great success with Scrabble is any indication.

Sudoku is a challenging puzzle game that consists of a 9 by 9 grid that is sectioned off into 3 by 3 subgrids.  Each subgrid must contain the digits 1-9.  Each grid is partially filled in the beginning with various combinations of numbers.  Sudoku comes with thousands of game variations.  You can also access Sudoku puzzles from popular newspapers.

EA does an excellent job of recreating the feel of pen and paper.  The Kindle has a well defined legend that matches the letters on the keyboard to the numbers in the game.  You can make notes in each cell to figure out where you want to place the numbers.  If the game gets too difficult, the “autofill” or “hint” features are there to help you out.

I think the reviewers do a great job of capturing the nature of Sudoku for the Kindle:


Bonnie J. Stearns:

“This game is user friendly, the graphics are clear….and yes there are varying levels that I have already found challenging. I think it is quite well done. There are also some helpful features such as optional error checking, number highlighting, hints, and the ability to play a random puzzle or program one in from a newspaper or book. I used to travel sudoku books with me. It’s nice to know that it will all be in my Kindle now.”

Ellen Bridges:

“The one option I really like is the ability to input puzzles from newspapers, magazines, etc. Although this game has thousands of puzzles, it’s nice knowing that I can get out some of my magazines and put some of my tougher puzzles in the game to solve. All the normal features are available when solving a puzzle that you put in the game yourself. You can even have the game instantly solve your puzzle for you if you so desire.”

Nicholas Sabalos Jr.:

“Easy navigation around the Sudoku board….clear, concise instructions….”Notes” feature is easy to use and, of course, integral to Sudoku….display is clear, pleasant and just plain fun to use….”Statistics” are well thought-out and great for tracking one’s progress at solving puzzles….levels of difficulty feel appropriate, in my humble opinion. Overall….one well-done, well-thought-out game that is a joy to play on the Kindle. It seems to be a perfect match for the Kindle.”

Constructive Criticism


I’m a Sudoku addict and was thrilled to find it available for the Kindle. This is a really good application — navigation, etc. is fine; however, I got a headache from squinting trying to see the numbers I entered. Seems like there should be a way to make them more visible yet still differentiated from the pre-entered numbers. Couldn’t see the difference between threes & eights among other things (and this was with the help of reading glasses). I gave up after doing one puzzle.


So, there you have it.  This is a game that is easy to navigate, provides helpful strategy hints, includes Sudoku puzzles from your favorite magazines and newspapers and simulates the feel of pen and paper.  You can’t get much better than that.

2 thoughts on “Sudoku for Kindle”

  1. It seem’s like a great app. The only drawback is that it is only available for users inside the U.S. (which doesn’t include me, I’m in South America)… that is so unfair

  2. Try out Sudoku Unbound too. I have used both and like the puzzles and easy of use of Sudoku Unbound better than EA Sudoku. I think it’s a dollar less too.

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