Sunday Night Links: 17 August 2008

Sunday Night Links

Welcome to the weekly news round-up!

Every Sunday we compile a list of our favourite stories from the past week, we also bring to you our selection of Kindle and Amazon related links from around the web. Compiled from blogs, magazines, main stream media and other sources, we hope these links will give you a definitive overview of what’s happening regarding the Kindle and what the Kindle community is talking about.

Citigroup sees better Amazon Kindle sales – Reuters

Is Amazon’s Kindle the iPod of the book world? – The Guardian Rises; Citigroup Doubles Kindle Estimate – Bloomberg

Amazon shares up with Kindle news – The Seattle Times

Amazon Kindle is ‘iPod moment’ for ebooks, says analyst –

The Lessons From the Kindle’s Success – New York Times Bits Blog

Can the Kindle Break the E-book Curse? – Wired

Kindle book is tough to crack for Wall Street – Market Watch

Amazon’s unseen bestseller raises questions – Market Watch

Amazon Kindle set to go massive – The Register

Kindle sales pegged at $1 billion by 2010 – cnet

“The Kindle is becoming the iPod of the book world” – Vallywag

The Kindle is the Sasquatch of the Book World – Gawker

Optimizing Web Content for the Kindle Browser – O’Reilly TOC

Citi: Yep, The Kindle’s A Huge Hit. $1 Billion For Amazon In 2010 (AMZN) – Silicon Ally Insider

Is Your Favorite Book Not Available on Kindle? – Official Amazon Kindle Blog

The triumph of the Kindle – Alexandria @

Kindle could be “Amazon’s iPod” – Online Media Cultist

Kindlemania! Is It Sensible…or Silly? – Technologizer

iPhone Vs. Kindle? – TMCNET

Amazon Mulls Jolly “Kris Kindle” Mascot – Seattlest

Improving Kindle’s Lookup Feature – Kindleville

How Sony can STILL beat Amazon in the e-book battle – TeleRead

Is Amazon’s Kindle Success Sustainable? – Seeking Alpha

Toddo On TV: Will Amazon’s Kindle Speed-Read Past Apple’s iPod? – Minyanville

My first Kindle experience. – Water Ouzel

Is Kindle’s Future Really That Bright? – The Money Times

Why aren’t textbooks free? AKA How the Kindle could potentially put textbook publishers out of business. – Kindle Reader Guide

Amazon Kindle – Hit or Flop? – JGadgets

Kindle ‘must-have’ for xmas – The BookSeller

Big Screen Kindle Aiming for $5.5 Billion Textbook Market – Law Librarian Blog

Amazon…It’s NOT About the Kindle, But I Will Take It! – Howard Lindzon

New “Kindle-ize This” Request Button on Amazon – Kindle Reader

Share Your Kindle With Your Kids – Go Green With A Kindle

Page Number Versus Position on Kindle – EduKindle

Does Research Support Kindle Use to Improve Student Reading Scores? – EduKindle

Amazon Lowering The Kindle eBooks to Match Paperback Prices – K.indled

Amazon’s Kindle Success Boosts Its Stock – Grace Cheng

Wait, so you people actually BOUGHT Kindles? – Justin Flood

Amazon’s ebook / Kindle Strategy Flawed – Terrible Swift Word

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