There’s a new iRex Reader Coming


iRex was one of the earlier entrants in the eReader market, mainly known for the not super successful iLiad.  While most of iRex’s earlier devices were overly expensive high-end readers, their newest product appears to be a bit more consumer-oriented.

The screen size is 8.1 inches, making the new reader a sort of one size fits all between the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX.  The biggest new feature is 3G, but no details have been revealed yet about what carrier iRex will be associated with.  For that matter, there isn’t very many details about the device in general.  The image above is only a mockup, it could all be smoke and mirrors as far as we know.  There also is supposed to be some tie in with an eBook distributor, but details are forthcoming.

Older models from iRex never really met the expectation’s that were raised for them.  I’m going to take this speculation with a grain of salt and just wait and see.

Kindle 2 Kindle DX New iRex Reader
Display Size 6 inches 9.7 inches 8.1 inches
Touch Screen No No Yes
Wireless 3G/Whispernet 3G/Whispernet 3G/Carrier Unknown
Book Store Amazon Amazon ???
Price $299.00 $489.00 ???

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  1. I own both a Kindle and an Irex Iliad. When I purchased the Iliad, I gave the Kindle to my wife. Not that the Kindle is not a great product… it is, and I applaud Bezos for his innovation. But the bigger screen and the great readability of the Iliad works better for me. The drawbacks of the Iliad? The battery life and the page turn speed need improvement. I love the ability to take notes on the Iliad, and I use the feature often. If the new Irex DR800(?) has fixed the battery life and the page turn speed, and has added 3G to B&N, then sign me up! Irex is a little company with a HUGE vision!

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