Unicode Font Hack for Kindle DX

Fine folks at the-ebook.org (translated version) have found a way to mod Igor’s python script so it can create valid custom updates for Amazon Kindle DX. I’ve compiled Kindle Unicode Font hack with the updated tool and verified that hacks work on my Kindle DX. Everything works fine – there are Unicode characters in both books and basic web, hack installs and uninstalls just fine and is safe to use.

Just as before there are 2 versions of the hack: one based on liberation fonts that have fewer international characters (no Asian characters) but preserve serif styles and one with droid fonts that has more characters but turns everything into sans-serif.

I have updated Unicode Fonts Hack page with new download links and instructions. Enjoy!

Kindle DX Unicode Font Hack
Kindle DX Unicode Font Hack

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  3. i have the kindle dx i installed the ahack is confirmed the hack by the serial # versison .01 but it did not allow me to change the font size /can you give me futher instructions


  4. If you are trying to chance font sizes in PDF – you are not supporsed to – hack or no hack. Changing font size in books is not affected by this hack.

  5. You don’t need a hack to change font size. Just press the “Aa” button and you can select from a wide range of sizes.

  6. i bought the dx for my dad who has macular degeneration he can see the letters it would help if i could make them a littel bigger. we set the kindle on the largest font and the fewest words per line. it would help if we could make it little biger

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