Unicode Fonts Hack for Kindle 2.3

This updated version of Kindle Unicode Fonts Hack works on all versions of Kindle software including the most recent 2.3 and installs on Kindle 2 US, Kindle 2 International and Kindle DX.

I’ve added more font combinations:

  • GNU FreeFont – this hack uses GNU Free Fonts that come with Linux and are free to redistribute. All font styles are preserved (serif, sans-serif, mono-spaced, bold and italic) but these fonts only support Latin, Cyrillic characters and some others (click here for full coverage data). So if you are only interested in Russian books – this is the way to go. Otherwise this patch will do you little good. Here are download links:



  • Droid Fallback Fonts (recommened for Asian glyphs) – this hack uses open-source Droid fallback font that is part of Google Android platform. Unfortunately styles and typefaces are missing completely. You’ll only get regular Sans Serif. The upside is the broadest character support. It supports Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese and a bunch of other languages. This font also looks very good on the Kindle screen (in my opinion way better than native Kindle fonts). This is the patch I currently have installed on my Kindle 2. Here are download links:




Visit the Kindle Unicode Fonts Hack page for detailed instructions.

18 thoughts on “Unicode Fonts Hack for Kindle 2.3”

  1. Great update!

    Are the sources for the International version published? I’d like to experiment with some fonts.

  2. I am unable to install the new 2.3 firmware in my Kindle 2. I had installed UFHACK 0.1 before, so it shows “Kindle 2.0.3 (327XXXXXX)+UFHack 0.1”.

    I tried the following:

    1) Reset to factory defaults (but the hack was still there)
    2) Use the “update_ufh_uninstall-k2.bin”, but it shows an installation error message during the update screen
    3) Use the “update_kinde2_2.3.bin”, but it shows an installation error message during the update screen
    4) Reinstall UFHACK using “update_ufh_droid_install-k2.bin”, but it shows an installation error message during the update screen

    I am completely clueless now. Is there any way to force the removal of UFHACK and/or to force the installation of the official Kindle 2.3 firmware?

  3. I like this last updates, recommended for Cyrillic:
    Usually I am converting any books from any format to txt Cyrillic(Windows).
    I tried all prior updates for Russian books, all they works, but this one exactly better for me – clear and sharp.
    Thank you very-very-very much. Good job.

    Note for Claudio:
    Did you use correct uninstall file?
    In row # 2 you display “update_ufh_uninstall-k2.bin”
    instead of correct one “update_update_ufh_uninstall-k2.bin”.
    I tried all updates for Russian font and did not have any problem to install
    and uninstall

    Note for xiaolong:
    1. prior uninstall package works for all:
    2. I hope, after uninstall process you did not forget to delete all files
    from Kindle root. Only original folder must stay there: “Audible”,
    “documents”, “music” and “system”.

  4. Hi, xiaolong,
    Sorry, I could not find from where I’ve got uninstall version i used, but updated version of uninstall file posted here: “http://blogkindle.com/?s=uninstal”
    Hope, it will work for you.
    If not, shot me an email to [email protected] and I’ll reply you with attachment of version I used (I saved it on my hard drive).

  5. Edge (or just anyone who can provide some help really), is Georgia the one I should choose for a combination of English, Russian, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian? Or does some other font support those as well? And sorry to be bothersome, but could you include some foolproof instructions with the fonts for us who have no idea what we are doing? ;) If I understand things correctly I must first uninstall Droid and then just… apply Georgia…?

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for your contribution to turn Kindle into more useful and functional device!

    I just tried the bin, update_ufh_droid_install-k2i.bin, after uninstalling previous version of Hacked bin, and somehow the version shows “2.2.1 + UFH 0.3”. Can you please double check and see if the bin is based on Kindle 2.3?

    Thank you.

    Digi Hack

  7. I got a tough problem:mistook 2.2 based update_freekindle-k2i.bin to hack my new 2.3 kindle. How to uninstall or restore the factory defaults.

    I tried to uninstall by /update_ufh_uninstall-k2i.bin/ 2.2 based, but can’t correctly install /update_ufh_droid_install-k2i.bin/ 2.3based, in the root directory there are only 4 restored files generated by uninstall step.

    Anyone can save me out, please reply or send me a mail, thanks a lot.

  8. updated: reset kindle to factory defaults isn’t work too. this time the button “update your kindle” is disabled.

  9. The font install works very well for the newest Kindle 2 International. People, the key is to check the serial # on the back of your Kindle to make sure you are downloading the appropriate file. If you do not, the update will fail.

  10. I get Kindle DX International before two days. I want to use the font hack (for reading Cyrillic fonts), but my device serial number starts with B005, instead of B004 as shown above. So the update is not successful, and the reader denies it.
    Is there a hack for newer devices, starting with B005 serial?

    Thank you!

  11. Help needed! I updated with update_ufh_droid_install-k2i.bin and my k2 international was broken. The home page is gone and I couldn’t get to update screen via settings. Any help?

  12. I’m not able to uninstall fonts hack for kindle 2 using instructions supplied here…please help

  13. Can kindle 3 read successfully the pdf files which I scanned from a real book. Will it depend how clear the background of my pdfs? Thank you.

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